Image Essentials for Men #1

So many things about image come to mind when I think about things to put on this blog. Today, I’m inspired by a male blogger, David Goldsmith, whose posts are full of advice to women about fashion and style (and a myriad of other things) from a male perspective.

I may not agree with everything there, but it’s worthwhile knowing what someone of the opposite sex thinks. After all, don’t we dress to show others how good we look? Particularly to the opposite sex?

My husband is always a good critique of the colour choice & style of my clothing. I think I erred many times when I didn’t listen to him regarding my choice of clothes. After all, men just say something looks good or not, and that’s often all that we need to know; not the why’s and how’s (though we’d like to have some reasons especially if we like a particular garment / colour so so much.)

So, here, I’ve decided to write about what men can do in order to be noticed more by women.

First off, let’s think about what women find attractive in a man:

  • No, it’s not your newest hairstyle, nor its colour.
  • No, it’s not about how up to date your style is.
  • It’s not about what car you drive even (well, not for women who want a serious relationship anyway, and truthfully, you know who they are and you are secretly happy that they don’t just look at your car.)
  • And it’s not about your paycheck, though that surely comes in handy. 

Women like men who are thoughtful, not self-centred, generous at the right time to the right people, authoritative without being arrogant; and courteous. Men with those traits are most likely going to be mindful of etiquette and manners; thus making them very attractive to women.

Apart from that, women like men who take control of their grooming. Men who know how to groom themselves presentably show that they look after themselves; thus are more likely to be able to look after a family.

Well, good looks alone doesn’t bring anyone very far in a relationship, but it’s a combination of good character, good grooming and overall good packaging.

I know that there are many good men out there who just need a little help to move along and get that special woman’s attention.

We’ll take a look at those image essentials one by one in the near future. :

  • Grooming – Checking up on your hair, facial hair, skin, smell, nails
  • Clothes – Honing your style, colour.
  • Etiquette – Polishing your manners and social graces
  • Body language – Straightening up your posture and walking your talk
  • Communication – Using language well

What does it take to become someone women are attracted to? Actually not a lot. Very often little adjustments make a lot of difference.



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