Image Essentials for Men #2

Before reading, I’d like to mention the purpose of this section on Image Essentials for Men.   Very often, we see others’ mistakes and sometimes wish we could tell them about them.  This blog is about making improvement in different parts of our image presentation.  We don’t like it, but it’s true that people create impressions of us based on what they see.  So, let’s keep that in mind as we discuss some of the amusing and not-too-pleasing habits that we might have.

Observing people’s eating habits can be interesting.   How a person eats in public is rather telling of his/her character I believe. Some people eat seemingly without a care about what others think of them.  That’s fine, but beware that some eating habits may not be very pleasing to others.

Men, if you wish to make a good impression to women, your clients, your boss etc…  this is a good place to start.

What are some of the eating habits that are not pleasing to the eye? AVOID…..

  • Lowering your mouth to your food.

We use utensils and hands to help us bring food to our mouths.  You may move your head forward to put food into your mouth, but you don’t lower your mouth to your food or your plate.

  • Smelling your food before eating.

This is a rather unusual trait that I notice in men mostly; and it’s done not because it’s a new dish.  It appears to be a habit for some; sometimes followed by a little wiggle of the nose or a frown.  It is not a very refined gesture so avoid this especially if you’re a guest.

  • Chewing with an open mouth.

Many men and women are guilty of this.  I remember being told as a teenager that I chewed with my mouth open, not only that, I chewed rather loudly.  I was offended.  But now I thank the person for caring enough to tell me about it.   It’s not a nice feeling being told, so I advise you to check on yourself first.  The next time you eat, see if you chew with your mouth open; and see if you chew loudly!

  • ‘Spreading’ food remnants on the table.

In our Chinese dining culture where chopsticks and bowls are used, you’ll find that many times, bones and bits of food that you don’t want are put on the table or a little saucer.  It’s not uncommon to find that after a multi-course chinese meal, the table is strewn with food remnants, used tissues and the like.  Though that might be understandable, it’s important to note that as far as possible, leave your food remnants in neat little piles, or on the little plate provided for that purpose.  Leaving it all around your part of the table shows you’re a sloppy person.  Notice how toddlers eat?

  • Stirring your drink noisily

When you are served your Teh-C, kopi-O or whatever beverage that requires stirring; do so quietly and not too vigorously.  It is considered good manners not to ‘clink’ the teacup in stirring, but we won’t be too harsh on ourselves here.  However, do remember this when you go for a high-tea meeting!  And while we’re on the subject, always remove the teaspoon from the cup before drinking.  🙂

Those are just a few items to think about.  Are there anymore that you can add to the list?

Till the next post.  Take care.



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