Personal Colour Analysis: Affirming Your Image with Colours

Have you had people commenting that you looked good? How did that make you feel?

On the other hand, have you had people telling you that you looked tired even though you weren’t? How did that make you feel?

We all want to be complimented on how well we look. I for one would like to hear that I look ‘radiant’ or ‘healthy’. That makes me feel that I need little else to look good. My spots will show less and I’ll need less makeup! The truth is, our face reflects the colour of the clothes that we wear. If someone told you you looked tired but you weren’t, chances are the colour you were wearing near your face that day did not enhance your look.

The colours that work for you can give you a radiant & healthy appearance. Your face glows and your eyes look brighter. When you glow, you’ll look more youthful. So, your colours are doing the work for you when you are tired! When you’re confident that the colours you’re wearing make you look good, it translates into springier steps and a lighter heart. Because when you look good, you feel good too!

So, isn’t it time to find the colours that make you glow? When you wear colours that work with your skintone, intensity and contrast, you’ll find that people are drawn to your face: YOU, not your perceived flaws. And you certainly don’t want anyone to point out any flaws when there is none! Personal Colour Analysis is relatively foreign to a lot of people; but I’d like to have more of us thinking about it and seeing how it can fit into your life.



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