Image Essentials for Men #3 – The Guy, The Gentlemanly Behaviour and The Girl Part 1

In the previous entry, I wrote about some rather unflattering eating habits that men (and sometimes women) are guilty of. Do you have any others to add to the list?

For this particular entry, I decided to write about ‘gentlemanly behaviour’ by putting it into some sort of local context.

When we think about ‘gentlemanly’ behaviour, we think about a man opening the door for a woman, pulling out the chair to seat her, and getting the tab for the meal; well, just generally being a thoughtful escort. Pretty much ‘the knight in shining armor’ idea. These are displays of great manners, and the men who keep up this wonderful tradition are now few and far between, at least in this part of the world.

I’d like to pose a challenge here though…. Are these types of behaviour appropriate in this day and age in our Malaysian culture? I do like to see more of it, but I also have problems with how women receive these actions. A man can’t help it if a girl misinterprets his actions, but he might want to be a little cautious about his actions just in case.

Men, if you’re not interested in a girl, do the bare minimum in your gentlemanly displays. Sometimes, ‘gentlemanly behaviour’ gives the impression that you care (a lot, too much) for you to be just a friend. So, spare it for the girl you’re truly interested in.



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