True Colours

You take a double-take as you walk past a store. Something calls your name. “Ahhhh….” You see a shirt in the style & design you’ve been looking for! You check it out.

‘Style’ – Check.

‘Cutting’ – Check.

‘Size’ – Double Check (Perfect!)

But wait a minute…. ‘Colour’ – eerrrr……

5 colours. Well, it’s 4 TOO many colours to choose from.

You like them all. You look in the mirror, holding up one colour after another….. doing some sort of comparison; but they all look good.

Your brain begins to do its work….. “This blue and pink are hard to match. I don’t own many such items because of that. This red is SO nice but it’s a bit bright…not sure if I can take it. The purple is good too….”
Oh, your brain hurts because it hates making such decisions. You settle for black. A safe colour, you say, and it’s slimming too!

You walk out of the store with another black item to add to half of your wardrobe in the same colour – just to be safe. But somewhere in the back of your mind, fleeting between conscious- and unconsciousness, you wonder how long it’ll be before you can break out of the colour rut.

  • Do you want to be confident in your colour choice? Not just stay ‘safe’?
  • Do you know that there is a way for you to determine what your BEST colours are?
  • Are you ready to learn and discover other colours that can look fabulous on you?

If you want to feel confident the next time you choose colour for clothes, come and talk with me. After I have analysed your unique colouring, you will get a Personalised Colour Swatch containing 45 of your best colours in various shades in a convenient palm-sized pack. Take it with you when you shop for clothes, accessories, glasses frames, and even your home deco! You just need to compare the colour of an item with a similar colour in your swatch to see if it flatters you or not! Simple!

Today might well be the day you begin to make wiser colour selections and save money, time and stress whenever you shop for clothes.



2 thoughts on “True Colours

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