Cleansing – Don’t skip this step!

This is the second of a series of recommended skincare routines for individuals.  They apply to both men and women because we all get the same assault from the sun and the environment.  For you men out there, read on to learn a little more about your skin, and you’ll find that looking after your skin isn’t a lot of trouble at all.

As a makeup user, I have to testify that the cleansing step is THE MOST important thing to do.  Without proper cleansing, your skin can’t possibly absorb the ‘benefits’ of the products you put on your face. 

A good cleansing routine removes the makeup, sunblock and dirt on your face.  

‘But I don’t use any makeup,’ you say.

Well, think about this: dirt, pollutants and all types of things you don’t see stay on your skin whether you like it or not. The sebum (‘oils’) secreted by your skin and/or the products you use on your skin help these particles to stick. Even the skincare products that you apply should always be properly cleansed away each day anyway.

Step 1 –  I use a creamy (more emollient) cleanser or a cleansing oil to first remove my makeup and then followed by a mildly foaming cleanser   (eg. Clinique’s Liquid Soap / Neutrogena’s Liquid Cleanser).

Cleansing Oil for makeup removal

Step 2 – After removing makeup, use a mildly foaming cleanser.

Mildly foaming cleanser

This routine, called double cleansing, helps to thoroughly remove any surface dirt accumulated on the skin.  And it’s done at the END of the day.

How much should I pay for my cleansers?

Cleansers aren’t meant to be expensive. And they don’t need to have lots of special hyped-up ingredients since you’re flushing them down the drain anyway. And no, your cleanser doesn’t need to match your entire line of skincare products from a particular brand.

One thing to note: cleansers shouldn’t leave your skin feeling tight. If your skin feels tight and dry after cleansing, your cleanser is too harsh for you.

If you have dry to very dry skin:  AVOID  foaming cleansers altogether. USE milky cleansers instead.

Morning:  Creamy cleanser (for dry to very dry skin) or Mildly foaming cleanser (for normal – oily skin)

Night: Double-cleansing = creamy / oil + foaming

Pictures are for illustration purposes only.



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