Cleansing Products – Eye and Lip Makeup Removers

My previous post talks about the removal of makeup and dirt on the face using a cleansing procedure called double-cleansing.

For women who use eye makeup.  Another step is involved.   Usually this step is performed before double-cleansing.

Eye-makeup = eyeshadows, eyeliners, mascaras

Product – a creamy cleanser can remove non-waterproof makeup quite well, but if you wear waterproof makeup, a remover with some oil does a far better job.

Examples of products I’ve used:

Cheaper range: Maybelline, L’oreal – good

More expensive range: Kanebo, Clinique – v good.  More effective.

For overall facial & eye-makeup removal – L’oreal Demaq.   (good for facial makeup removal but not for eye-makeup as the oil gets into the eyes)

Some of you might have noticed that the cleansers can be used for lip-makeup removal as well.  And it’s good to  perform this extra step as the removers do get rid of the remnants of  our lipstick quite effectively; preventing our lips from getting darker as we age, or so we’re told 🙂



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