What Defines Your Style?

I was in a mall for most of the afternoon and had a great view of the people walking by.  It’s Father’s Day today, and also the last day before school reopens after a 3-wk break.

I was here for 2 fashion shows, so it was an afternoon of ‘fashion’ and models.  What was more interesting to me though was the real-life ‘models’ – people in their ‘outing’ clothes.

I must say that many ladies dress well, but not everyone is eye-catching.  I see nice clothes, but I don’t necessarily see ‘style’.  Not every person who’s ‘well-dressed’ looks attractive.  And not everyone who’s attractive is ‘well-dressed’.  I guess that’s also why branded goods might not always look their worth.

We all have our definitions of who has or doesn’t have style; but we all attempt to look good in whatever we wear.

Let’s have a look at some common  ‘styles’ out there.  I rather like how my personal colour analysis trainer, Imogen Lamport, defines the various styles.  Below is a list with a brief description of each:

  • Classic: dominated by neutral colours, pearls, silver, gold jewellery, simple & clean designs in clothes, generally more conservative in dressing


  • Relaxed: neutral colours dominate, comfort is essential, wood and metal jewellery, casual and not very structured bags, nothing very shiny, comfortable shoes, very low or no heels


  • Dramatic: colours dominate, bold designs, shimmers and shine, unique and big statement jewellery, fashionista

Dramatic - Alexander McQueen

  • Creative: all colours or all one-colour (black), love handmade creative items in jewellery and accessories, original and unusual


  • Rebellious: loud designs and colours that go against the flow,  goth, piercings and tattoos, leather, metals and studs, stand out in the crowd, proud to be different!

A bit of a rebel

  • Feminine: soft colours dominate, soft material in clothing, frills, ruffles and bows, delicate jewellery and accessories


  • Elegant Chic: neutral colours, high quality fabrics, real gems and metals, classic branded accessories and shoes, designer wear, high maintenance!

Elegant Chic - Hermes

We’re usually a combination of a few styles.

I’m constantly honing my personal style, but after these years, I’d say I’ve narrowed down to a couple of things which define ‘me’.  I like ethnic elements in my clothes and accessories, though mostly I consider myself relaxed classic.  To ‘summarise’ my style, I’m a Relaxed Classic with elements of Creative in my accessories.

What about you?

Pictures for illustration purposes. (Pics for Classic & Creative from Nordstrom)



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