Eye Creams

Have you ever heard that the skin around the eye area is more delicate than other parts of the face?   I guess it is.  I don’t know actually.  And I don’t think I’ll ever get to find that out for myself for sure.   But we all know for a fact that older people get lines around the eyes so the only logical thing to do is to apply some sort of cream to ‘reduce’ dryness and ‘remove’ the wrinkles.  And since there are eye-creams around, most of us just get some and apply them around our eyes, where they’re supposed to go.

What are your concerns?  Eye bags? Dark Circles? Lines? All of the above?

If you’ve done some shopping for skincare products, you’ll notice that next to serums, eye-creams cost the most.  I still haven’t figured out why that’s the case.  For some reason, they’re packed with more (?) good ingredients that promise sensational results.

I have dark circles (partly hereditary) and lines (from smiling, laughing & ageing).  I’ve used many eye-creams and found none of them dealt with my concerns.  As a result, I’ve stopped using eye-creams for about half a year and switched to using my regular moisturiser instead.  All I can say is that eye-creams and moisturisers are the same to me.

The skin around my eyes are similar in texture to the skin all over my face.  Therefore, a good face moisturiser does the same thing for my eyes.   If you’re like me, perhaps it’s time to save on eye-creams!

How I apply moisturiser / eye-cream around my eyes.

I pick up some product with my ring finger and lightly massage it into the skin around my eye area in small circles until it dries up or gets absorbed.  The massage movement is on the surface of your skin and should be VERY light – it shouldn’t pull the skin.  Do the same around the entire eye and repeat with the other eye.

Ways to prevent crows feet.

Apart from applying some moisturiser around your eyes. I don’t know if there is any way to prevent something natural that’s bound to happen more in some people than others.  Many of the lines are expression lines, and if you laugh and smile a lot, you’d probably get more crows feet!  But I’d certainly not want to laugh or smile less, would you?

What do you think?  Have you found an eye-cream that works for you? What are your concerns?  Would love to hear your experiences with eye-creams.



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