Learn about Colour Matching for Clothing – 学习服装色彩配搭

The ‘science & art’ of colour matching for clothing is relatively hard to understand.  I’ve blogged a little about it, but I’m happy to be able to find a great site which explains colour matching in clothing in Chinese.

Colour Matching for Men – 亚洲男性适合穿什么颜色服装

In short, the article explains the what colours can do to us: to help to make us look more radiant, or make us look more tired and dull.

The article talks about the individual’s undertone (色调), and colour value (色值) and colour intensity (色度).

Undertone: (色调)
Each one of us is inclined to either a warm or cool palette of colours.  The right palette will make us look better!

Value (色值)
The lightness or darkness of a colour.

Intensity (色度)
The brightness or mutedness of a colour.

The best colours for you match your own undertone, value and intensity. Eg. A young person can take strong & bright colours very well. But as that same person gets older, he will find that the colours that flatters him gradually become less intense. As people get older, they notice that the colours that used to look good on them no longer look as great.

If you want your colours to work for you, email me and find out more.


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