‘Enhancing Your Professional Image’ Seminar

The last 2 weeks were busy for me and my co-speaker Gene. We’d not had many speaking engagements in the previous couple of months, but when this particular one was finally confirmed, we had to get down to doing some serious work.

Gene and the makeover team in the background

It was a talk for a group of educators, organized by the Kuching-Serian Principals Committee on “Enhancing Your Professional Image”. Since the audience was a group of educators, it meant ‘no play-play’!

Translating our existing materials into Mandarin was a challenge for me particularly – but it was an excellent and timely learning experience. Excellent – because I’d never had the need, nor the motivation to do it. Timely – because I have another similar engagement coming up end of the month together with my co-speaker. It pretty much means that I can breathe easier now. God is good in His timing.

I’m pleased that we received good reviews for our session. My earlier presentation was on clothing, considerations for selection of outfits, colour combination. Gene’s was on skin, nail and hair care, and a full hair and makeup makeover by Maison Monica’s hairdressing and makeup instructors. The audience liked the live demo.  Our only regret was that time was tight and we couldn’t cover everything in as great detail as we had liked.

A view of the participants during my presentation


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