Since my last write-up on eye-creams, I’ve been busy with a few projects, which explains my long absence in writing.  Incidentally, just today I saw a beauty tip on using eye creams: – Avoid using a rich eye cream or moisturiser under makeup as it can cause your concealer and foundation around your eye area to slide into lines, making them more obvious.  I think it’s a tip worth noting.  If you’ve missed the article on eye creams, click here.

The article today is on facial masks.  Masks have been a rage here the last few years, made popular by various Taiwan talk shows on cable TV and advertisements.

What do facial masks do?
They are said to deliver special ingredients to our skin.  Like treatment products, they claim to work on all types of concerns – such as pigmentation, lack of hydration, oiliness, lines and wrinkles.

In the past, most mask treatments were performed as part of a visit to a facialist, but now they’ve become part of a regular home skincare regime, thanks to affordable masks available in all types of health care outlets.

How do I choose a suitable one?
It all depends on your skin type and concern.  It’s easy to choose the right one for your skin and concern (the label tells you)
You might have come across facial masks in various forms:  powder, cream, gel, sheet, and wonder what the differences are.

  • Cream: more emollient, usually for drier skin
  • Powdered (usually used by beauticians): mixed with cosmetic liquids to form a paste, for all types of skin
  • Gels: dries up after application usually, can be for all types of skin
  • Sheet (‘paper masks’): for all types of skin, convenience packs

Cream and powdered ones need to be washed off – thus making them a rather inconvenient option. Gels are slightly better, as they are often peeled off when they dry on your skin.  Sheet masks are probably the most popular (think SKII and ‘My Beauty Diary’).  They are simply lifted off; and you don’t need to wash your face after that if you so choose.

Do masks deliver what they promise?

It is hard to tell if facial masks do everything that they are claimed to do.  Since we’re advised to use masks only once or twice a week, they probably don’t do as much as we hope.  But it doesn’t mean that they’re entirely useless.  Oily skin can benefit from a mask with oil-absorbing properties; while dry skin will find an emollient mask soothing and relaxing.  I’d say that regular use of a safe and suitable product can benefit the skin rather than not using anything.

“The longer I leave the mask on my face, the better it is?”

Masks are left on the skin for about 10-20 mins usually.  Always remove a sheet mask after the recommended time.  Any longer than that, the sheet mask might actually start removing moisture from your skin.  So, leaving it LONGER ISN’T BETTER!

When do I use a facial mask?

After toning.

  1. Cleanse
  2. Tone
  3. Mask
  4. Treat
  5. Moisturise

A few notes about masks:

Dead cells soften and are removed when the mask is washed off.  That explains why the skin looks fairer right after the use of a facial mask.  In such cases, it’s often not the effect of a whitening agent.

As with any other product, watch out for irritants that cause a tingling or burning sensation.  If you have sensitive skin, it’s best to avoid anything that has alcohol, fragrance or any ‘minty’ feel to it.

Well, some people make their own masks – google some homemade recipes that are both yummy and good for your skin! :p

I do think you girls should check out this Chocolate Facial Mask Recipe. Tell me what you think!


2 thoughts on “Face-masking

  1. Hi^^r
    Love the little explanations. Many products have brightening effects but to maintain them you have to follow with the proper care to maintain the brightening effect (For example, Sunscreen and moisturizer). Please check out my blog and lemme know what you think!

    • Hi there Misa,
      Yes, I agree with you. Whitening/lightening requires consistent use of products, often not just one alone. In fact, after this post on facial masks, I’m going to write about sunblock, which is an absolute necessity for me.
      I like your site and love the tips you have on dressing – just too bad that I’m in a climate where boots, warmers are out of the question for me! :p I’m so meant to be living somewhere with 4 seasons!!
      Keep up your good work on your blog!

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