I was browsing for some locally made accessories when I came across one which has some good advice for storing your jewelry.  Click here and have a read.


Accessories are must-have items if you want to be able to maximise your wardrobe.  I don’t think one should spend a lot of money on clothes and accessories, but I do encourage you to get some affordable,and age- and work-appropriate accessories to jazz up your outfits.

Bib necklace

There are a number of factors involved in choosing the right accessories.  Age, status, work, environment, occasion are the main ones.  To me, personal style carries the most weight in your choice of accessories.  Your accessories ‘speak’ your style.   Are you feminine? Are you classic? Are you  creative?  Are you a rebel?  Out of tons of accessories available to you now, what calls your name?

Work your style in your choice of accessories.


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