Sunblock – an essential anti-aging skincare item

Take it from me – sunblock has got to be THE skincare product you use if you use nothing else!  If I’d had a chance to look into the ‘crystal ball’ when I was a teen and see what my skin would look like in 20 years’ time, I would’ve taken sun damage warnings more seriously.  But really, when one is an invincible teen, does anything that requires spending extra money, time and effort mean anything?  Nah….. I guess not, but it doesn’t change the fact that if you don’t start doing something about protecting your skin from the sun, you’re very likely going to wish you had 20 years down the line.

Some weeks ago I put up a post on the effects of various types of environmental assaults on our skin.   Click HERE to have a read.

My pigment spots

Just above you see a very unflattering picture of my spots.  Most people tell me they are fine, but I have to live with them and see them ‘grow’.  And they bother me.  A lot.

I had fair, normal skin up till my late 20s before freckles became larger spots.  By the time I started skin care it was already 20 years too late.

Like many people with my skin type, my major skin concerns at my age are dryness and hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage in my youth.

I truly believe that my skincare regime in the past decade or so has helped to prevent my skin from being damaged further.   That also means that had I done more earlier, my skin condition could’ve been better.

To everyone who wants to maintain good skin: A sunblock of SPF 30 and above is a must.

Sun damage is the most significant cause of wrinkling, skin aging and skin cancers….. if you don’t already know.  The culprits are the sun’s UV rays:


  • Affects the outer layer of the skin – causes sunburn
  • Most intense between 10am and 2pm
  • UVA rays reach the earth in large amounts and causes skin tanning response.
  • Major contributor to skin damage. Reaches deeper layer of the skin.
  • Free-radical damage occurs.
  • Causes the breakdown of the skin’s cellular structure.
Use sunblock religiously.  For a sunblock to effectively block out UVA & UVB, look for the following ingredients:
titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, avobenzone, Tinosorb or ecamsule (Mexoryl)

In fact, sunblock doesn’t block out UV completely.  See the list below for the maximum amount of protection you get from your sunblock.

  • SPF 2 :  50% UV protection
  • SPF 4 :  70% UV protection
  • SPF 8 :  88% UV protection
  • SPF 15:  94% UV protection
  • SPF 30 : 97% UV protection
  • SPF 50 : 98% UV protection
  • SPF 70 : 98% UV protection

And click on the picture below to see a suggestion on how much sunblock should be  applied on various parts of the body using the teaspoon rule.


3 thoughts on “Sunblock – an essential anti-aging skincare item

  1. A great tip for women who are on a beauty budget (who isn’t these days?) eb5 is inexpensive, soaks right in, does the job, and all for a fraction of what I was paying at department stores!

    • Thanks for sharing. I just googled eb5 (it’s a new brand to me here in Malaysia). It certainly carries a great line of products. Glad it works for you. I find that consistency in using products is very important. And when we talk about consistency, we got to think about the budget too!

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