Your Interview Image….. Is ‘body art’ ok?

I was reading a series of posts at a site I regularly visit and thought I’d share this with you.

Is ‘body art’ (tattoos and piercings) acceptable for job interviews?   Well, I’m sharing a link from this particular site and I’d encourage you to read the readers’ comments below the post.  (Readers offer their opinion derived from their own experiences.)

More and more young people are sporting tattoos these days.   It’s a personal preference, but at an interview, what is appropriate?

It’s helpful to consider the following:


  1. The industry – If you wish to get work in a conservative industry, best to cover up your tattoos and not to have piercings for the interview.  That also means that you probably need to do the same at work most times.  Be ready for that.
  2. The work environment –  Your bosses, colleagues and clients also influence your ‘dressing’.  You might not like this but that is how work often is.  Are you ok with that?
  3. Finally, a personal question….. Who / what is the body art for? Some people have tattoos for themselves for a very personal reason.  If it is so, you will probably have no problems about covering them up.

Truth be told, tattoos are yet to be considered acceptable in the conservative work environment and to  conservative people.  So I guess it boils down to how badly you need that job.

Just on the side…..

  • This is a news article about Angelina Jolie’s tattoos which are nightmares for film directors.  Read on to see why she defends them.
  • And for you female readers here, the site I linked to Academichic is an excellent site for those of you who want to look sharp for a conservative industry.  Do bookmark the site.

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