Are you warm or cool?

Today’s post is to explain what warm and cool colours in our clothing are.  Basically, the terms ‘warm’ and ‘cool’ are given to colours based on the feelings they give to the individual.  Cool – sea, water, greenery – is soothing and makes one feel more relaxed.  Warm – sunshine, fire, heat – makes one feel energized, alive and cheery.

The 2 pictures above show some warm and cool colours of clothing we may wear.  Which palette do you think suit you more?

A large number of us living in Malaysia are warm toned.  In other words, colours that suit us are in the ‘warm’ palette.  And we look best in those colours.  And yet, we wear a lot of cool colours for work and formal events.  Loosely put, we find that cool colours (black, grey, white, silver, purple, royal blue) tend to look more ‘formal’  and frankly speaking, very ‘safe’.

How does one know if one is warm or cool-toned?  Some of you might have heard of the ‘gold’ and ‘silver’ drape test.  You put gold and silver cloth over you (one after another) and see which is more flattering.  If gold looks better on you – then you’re warm-toned.  If silver is better – then you’re cool.  (Some have mentioned using gold and silver jewelry for this purpose, but I find that not very effective. )

However, this doesn’t stop us wearing colours that are in the warm and cool palette.  It shouldn’t.  It simply means that in future you’d want to look out for colours with your skintone in mind.  And in so doing, you might surprise yourself that there are more colour possibilities out there than you imagined.

The next time you go shopping, try and explore what other colours look better on you.  Dark doesn’t have to mean black.  It could be a rich brown or a charcoal.  Such colours are equally slimming and formal and they don’t have the harshness that black has.  And don’t ignore that orange or olive shirt on the rack….it might just be the colour for you.

In an earlier post I mentioned about the various colour qualities to consider when you choose colours for yourself.  Here’s the link to the post.

If you still don’t know what suits you – find a personal colour analyst (PCA).  The job of a PC Analyst  isn’t just to find out if you’re warm or cool.  He/she can help to determine your best colours, intensity and colour combinations you wear, for our hair, nails, makeup and accessories.  Our colours change in different phases of our lives.

Drop me a line if you want to know more.


3 thoughts on “Are you warm or cool?

  1. Yes, please, I’d like to a client of you. Hoping to make an appointment to know my tone and ‘season’ before my next purchase. Thank you in advance.

  2. Pardon my grammatical errors…blame it on the high-tech gadget on my lap(need to redeem myself here). Alright, we’ll arrange next week then. Kam samida.

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