Software for Mixing & Matching Clothes

Updated (again!) 2/8/2013 – The site below ( is no longer available through that link it seems.  I’m not sure if it is now called something else.  If I come across something like this again, I’ll do another update!

Updated: 23/7/2013 – Another site worth looking at…


Changing one’s appearance takes a lot of courage.  We all want to dress sharp and trendy, but a little part of us is also rather insecure about wearing something new and ‘unlike’ us.  What if it doesn’t work?  More often than not, we settle for ‘safe’ and classic and what everyone says is ‘us’.  Well, being all that is good, but I’m sure many of us would like to try something new some time.

One of the ways of dealing with style uncertainties is to try out online makeovers.  Virtual makeovers have been around for a while now.  They are software that allow us to ‘try out’ clothes, hairstyles and makeup to see if we look good in them or not.  I got to try out a couple of them and want to share my adventures with you.  You might even find that it will worth your while trying them out.

First one…. “My Virtual Model”

1.  Select your body shape (V, A, 8), if your waist is defined or not, your height and weight, and choose a hairstyle / colour that suits you.  You can upload your own picture if you want.

Start with giving your virtual model some vital statistics

Here’s what my model looks like

Next, choose what you want to dress your model with…

My model in casuals.

Dressed for a party….

I find this a rather good software to play around with because of the following reasons:

  • shows the good and the bad in our clothing choices fairly well (it confirms that I don’t look good in babydolls and some other items.)
  • good for colour matching purposes.  You can see the combination there and then.

The cons would be:

  • it doesn’t take body variations into consideration (eg. fat and crooked knees and heavy upper arms etc etc)
  • not 3-D – the shoes just don’t look good here
  • only for women.  (I’m yet to find something good for men.)

I treat it as a game, so I don’t expect too much out of it.  Have fun if you’re going to try it out!


12 thoughts on “Software for Mixing & Matching Clothes

    • Sorry for such a late reply! Indeed software like the one I have in the article is very helpful. I found excellent too, so check that out. I find your link very good! Is that your site? I like it!
      Thanks for your comment.

  1. i was trying to download this but it just cannot proceed..any idea or recommendation of this kinda soft ware where I can get to mix and match personal style to put in retail shops. please advice. Thanks!

      • HI ! Thanks for your idea, appreciate that! I would be interested to try your apps which you have in your home page – mix and match style apps! I could only view the page but I just could not download, any info where I can download this apps?

      • HI !

        Thanks for your advice, I would be very much interested if I could download the mix and match software that has your face changing hairstyle and stuff..please advice how would I be able to download this as there were no “DOWNLOAD” button in your website

      • Hi Veronica,
        It looks like the site that I have a link for in the my post is gone! Such a pity because it was a very good site. If I find anything else that can do this, I’ll post it! 🙂

  2. I would like to download your software that you uploaded your picture and create those hairstyle and make ups and so on….
    please advice

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