Virtual Celeb Hairstyle & Makeup Makeovers

I had lots of fun with this software!  I urge all you girls to give it a try!

Which one of us hadn’t dreamed of being a star? :D    First I was Ciara, then Rihanna, then Taylor Swift.  So, I invite you all to have some fun with this – without spending a cent.  Let your hair down (or up) and see what changes you might want to make next!

This site allows you to personalize your experiments by uploading a picture of yourself.  Alternatively, you can select a model’s face and explore what the software can do for you.  Here we go…


Katie Holmes' hairstyle




Carla Gugino




Taylor Swift

You can also try out makeup items on your face. From foundation, tan, blush to eyelashes, shadows and lipsticks.  There are even selections for Cool and Warm Colours (which is great!).  On the screen, you can see that the wrong toned colours can make your makeup appear as if it’s sitting on your skin not blending in with it.


Example: (Click on each picture to see the text better。)


Select your eyeliner from Cool, Warm or Neutral colour palette

Lip colour from the Cool palette


  • Cool Lip Colour:  Notice how the lip colour above makes me look pale.  If that happens, it means that the colour isn’t in the right tone for my skin-tone.  I’m warm toned, therefore, the cool toned pink isn’t that flattering on me.


Warm lip colour


  • Warm Lip Colour:  I selected a darker warm lip colour to illustrate this so that it shows up better.  If a colour is in the same tone as your skintone, then it blends into your complexion well.  When selecting a lipstick colour that’s natural, make sure you select one in the right tone.


Without makeup

With makeup


  • I changed the hair colour and added subtle makeup to the look.

This software’s pros:

  • fun AND easy to use!
  • lots of colour options to explore for hair and makeup.  Even comes with the product names so you know which products suit you.


  • I’m sure you noticed that my face shape was changed each time I tried out a hairstyle belonging to a celebrity whose face shape is different from mine.  The Before and After pictures clearly show that difference.
  • When you’re trying out the hairstyles, look for celebrities whose face shapes, age and neck and chin size are similar to yours, or else the result might be something like this …..

Nonetheless, have fun with it!


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