Eh….what’s up, doc?

Hello everyone!  Happy 2011!  It’s belated but never too late.  Well, where I am, many people are busy with Chinese New Year preparations – ie. shopping for food, clothes, spring-cleaning and more shopping for food and clothes…..  In some ways, consciously or unconsciously, new year doesn’t quite begin until we’re done with the Chinese New Year celebrations.  So here, let me hoppily wish you all a prosperous and blessed Rabbit Year ahead! May all of you enjoy an increase in everything good and fun!

Well, it’s been a busy 2 months for me with travel and some freelance work, which explains why I’ve not updated this site much.  But to be honest, I was also struggling  with coming up with a new direction for my writing for this blog in 2011 (part of the new year resolution thingy which many of us are caught up with).  But after thinking it over and still haven’t come up with something I can manage, I think I shouldn’t try too hard.  So, I’ll just post what I believe is beneficial and relevant and hope you all find the contents useful.

So what’s for us in the image department this year?  Well, Bugs Bunny and his relations in the leporidae family are making a comeback, but I don’t believe long ears are sought after as fashion accessories. But some of these furry little things do contribute to the fashion world in producing some fine wool.  So, those of you living in cooler climates can consider purchasing a sweater made of angora wool.

Some trivia about our furry friends:

The first Disney rabbit character is Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.  He was introduced in 1927.  Mickey Mouse came after him when Walt Disney lost the rights to Oswald.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Roger Rabbit is the main protagonist in Disney’s (Touchstone’s) 1988 hit Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Roger is hyperactive, friendly, talkative but stutters, and not very bright at times.

Finally, my favourite of course is Bugs Bunny – a furry lean, mean machine packed with personality, spunk and pizzazz!   He’s the epitome of ‘coolness’.  With such attitude, who needs fashion?  But to rock the Bugs trend, the carrot is THE accessory to have!

Anyway, that’s all, folks!  Gotta run.  Looney Tunes’ a’calling.


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