Change of Style – where do you start?

If you asked me what change creates the biggest difference in your appearance, I’d say it’s your hairstyle.

Why hair?
Your face is the focal point of communication, so you should do whatever necessary to draw positive attention to it. Isn’t it true that the most obvious change others notice in us is our hairstyle? Let your hairstyle be one that speaks for you.

Why change?
Change moves us out of a rut. Change is required to adapt to new environment, expectations or whatever situations that trigger it. The right changes can bring about positive outcomes, such as giving us more confidence and improving our image.

Be warned however that some of us take it positively but others might not, depending on the risks involved. And I’m sure that many of us agree that changing a hairstyle is high-risk! However, if necessary, it must be made.

What do you mean by a hairstyle change?

A hairstyle change is a change in your existing way of styling of your hair.  This can be achieved by a new cut, a perm, or just a different way of styling, or having a new colour or colour style.

How often should a change be made?
As often as necessary. That depends on one’s work, position, lifestyle, individual style preferences, fashion consciousness and time and monetary resources. The same factors apply to the style you choose as well.

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If you’re thinking of making a change, ask yourself these questions:
1. Do I need a change? Why?
2. To what extent am I willing to change?
3. Is the change for long term or is it just something strikes my fancy right now?
4. How serious am I in maintaining my new style? – consider the cost, time and effort involved in maintaining certain hairstyles. Talk to someone familiar with such things.
5. Do I know a hairstylist whom I can trust? If not, do my friends know anyone like that? Search actively for someone you feel comfortable with.

“I’ve done the assessment, and I’m not  game enough for a drastic change. What should I do?”
Get a new hair colour. Get highlights done too! That’s relatively low-risk and if done well, the results are extremely flattering. Good colour is done in the salon – I’d advise you to treat yourself to a good salon colour and see what it can do for you.

Changing your hairstyle makes a lot of difference to your appearance even though it isn’t the only component in individual style.

What homework can I do to prep myself for the change?
Go visit some of these sites:

Have fun!


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