What My Hairstylist Does for Me

In my last post, I talked about how a change of hairstyle can be the first step towards the change of a new image.  I truly believe that hairstylists play an important role in our appearance.

Finding a hairstylist who can give you a becoming and appropriate hairstyle, and make you feel positively about yourself, is important.  And that is also why we go back to the same stylist over and over.  It’s not because no one else can do it better, but it’s because you have the confidence that this stylist can do it well for you time and time again.

A good hairstylist is hard enough to find, let alone a good hairstylist who can give you a befitting style consistently.  I’m particular about getting a hairstyle that I’m confident wearing and maintaining.  At the same time, I don’t want the same look for too long.  Timeless is good, but dated isn’t.

I’m fortunate to have found Irene of Hair Story whom I confidently recommend to anyone.

Irene has been my hairstylist for about 5-6 years now and the one I’ve stayed the longest with.

From the start, she has given me styles that match who I am. She understands the challenges that come with a square face as well as my need to keep my hairstyle as low-maintenance as possible – matching my hairstyle with my lifestyle. Her asset is her keen eye for a personalized and holistic approach to hairstyling for the individual, not just for her head of hair alone.

I think it’s hard to be able to achieve what you want with something as ‘fluid’ as hair.  When a hairstylist deals with a client’s hair, it’s not just about cutting, perming or colouring.  It’s about doing whatever necessary to create a hair image that suits her.  To be successful in this, one needs to be very sure about one’s ability to ‘tell’ the hair how to behave and know what the outcome is.  I’m sure you agree that this doesn’t happen very often. And I do believe that Irene does that very well for her clients.  Obviously, the years of experience and talent she has are her assets.

Irene’s salon is called ‘Hair Story’.  If anyone of you in Kuching would like to drop in for consultation or styling services, you can find her at Lot 9898, Sect 64, Grnd Flr, Sublot 3, Jalan Mendu, Kuching.   She may or may not be the one for you, but don’t miss her out if you are still searching for THE right hairstylist for you.


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