Colours – ‘Lunch Plate’ Colour Palette

Update: 7 April 2011 – please scroll down to the end of the post.



My good friend’s photograph of this local noodle staple inspired me.

So, I got round to Colour Lovers and put together a palette using the colours in it.  I wanted to work with these colours and come up with some outfit combinations. But, it was much harder than I thought……

'Lunch Plate'

Not carefully ‘managed’, these colours can make you and me look like a Christmas tree.  I wanted to use all these colours in an outfit all together (talking about being ambitious), but found the whole look too contrived – passable at a fancy dress event, and clownish at other times.

What makes the colour palette tricky to wear is the presence of such bold complementary colours.  Green and red are complementary colours, meaning they are opposite each other in the colour wheel.  Such a combination is hard to pull off if they take up close to 1-1 ratio in your outfit.

To make the combination more palatable, I decided to use beige and maroon as the ‘neutrals‘ for the main outfit, leaving the other colours – the greens and orange-red – for accessories.

When using complementary colours in your accessories, ensure that they do not compete with each other for attention.  Their purpose is to add points of interest.  In the picture below, the red bag and belt are bright (creating interest) while the earrings are dark-green (taking a backseat).  The rest of the colours in the outfit remain fairly muted so that the red bag and belt receive the attention.

Have the picture on your screen in front of you.  Close your eyes and open them again.  What colour(s) jump at you?  I believe most of you see the orange-red of the bag first.  It gives the whole outfit ‘life’.  Without it, the outfit lacks ooomph.

The next time you think about your outfit, try injecting some interest using complementary colours.  But remember to stay away from the 1-1 colour-block ratio and avoid too many focal points of interest at one time.  Do the blink test if in doubt.


The pictures below are some Polyvores I did using the Lunch Plate colour palette.  Want to try out for yourself?  Sign up at and design your own outfit combinations. It’s free.

Green & Red accessories can be very stylish.


Update: 7 April 2011

I was over at The Sartorialist when the picture of the day shows the colours of the Lunch Plate colour palette.

The Sartorialist is a great site showcasing fashion from great fashion capitals like NY, Paris, London and Milan. Head over there by clicking on the picture below to see more.



2 thoughts on “Colours – ‘Lunch Plate’ Colour Palette

  1. So the objective was to look like kolok mee? hehehehehe…you have now “damaged” me. Shall see people’s attires as food liaw lor…

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