It’s Casual Thursday….

Casual Thursday Palette

I was supposed to post this yesterday but internet connection was so bad that it rendered posting impossible…. anyway…


It was a work day yesterday, but since I wasn’t going to meet anybody in particular, I went casual – and that means wearing anything I wanted.

I like casual dressing most because among my style personalities* , it best describes who I am. My style personalities are classic, relaxed and creative.  Yesterday I sported the relaxed-creative look. So it was a polo shirt (in a coolish-red which I named ‘Cherise’ on COLOURlovers*), dark washed jeans, light brown shoes (‘Mandaringe’) from my Taiwan trip a while back, and a handcrafted silver-coloured cuff which injected some creative personality into the otherwise plain ensemble.

The colour palette above shows the colours I wore (done on COLOURlovers**) and the Polyvore*** below shows similiar items I wore.

Well, I’m in a hot country, the above suffices.  But given a choice, I’d much prefer dressing for cooler conditions anytime.  If I were in Melbourne today with temperatures ranging from 13 to 19 degrees C, I might just wear something like this:

What’s your style personality?

What do you add to your plain outfit to make it stand out?



*What’s ‘style personality’?

Your style personality is the dressing style which fits your personal preferences. It’s often closely related to your work style, your interpretation of fashion, and even your colour preferences, though it’s not confined by those.  You can be a classic, relaxed/casual, creative, radical/rebellious, romantic/feminine…  Most of us are a combination of styles.

** What’s COLOURlovers?

It’s a site / community where you can be inspired by colours and participate in creating your very own colours!

*** What’s a Polyvore?

Polyvore is a creative site which allows you to mix and match clothing and accessories on the site and save them as your own sets.  Male & female items are featured on the site.


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