How To Remove False Lashes Correctly

The Correct Method of Removing Falsies to Prevent Losing Your Lashes and ‘Loosening’ The Skin around Your Eyes.

Falsies have been popular among the intrepid makeup users in the last few years, but I don’t think I’m wrong in saying that many are more concerned about their application rather than their removal.

I, like many, never put in much thought about it until a reader’s question in the popular fashion and makeup Taiwanese magazine ‘Queen’ piqued my interest.   The reader asked Xiao Kai Lao Shi (小凯老师) if there was a proper way of removing false lashes because she found that the skin around her eyes had loosened.  Not only that, she claimed that she had also lost a number of lashes due to the way she removed her falsies.

I decided to extract the relevant portions of the article so that we can all learn the correct way of removing falsies from the pros.

From ‘Queen’ Magazine, March & April 2011 Issue

Here goes what Xiao Kai Lao Shi has to say:

A reminder:  More care is required in the selection of the products to be used around the eye area.  Not only that, makeup removal method and skincare treatment around the eyes need to be gentle to ensure that they do not pull the skin unnecessarily.

If there is a problem with ‘loose skin’ and loss of eyelashes, it is likely to be related to the incorrect removal of eye makeup products, including false eyelashes.

To remove false eyelashes correctly, follow the steps below:

  • If mascara has been applied, it is likely that the real lashes and false lashes are stuck together.  Wet a cotton pad with eye makeup remover and first, place it flat on the lower eyelid.  Close the eye gently.  Fold the cotton pad flat over the upper eyelid and wait 30 seconds.   This will cause the mascara to soften and loosen, thus separating the false lashes from the real ones.
  • Wet a cotton bud with some eye makeup remover and then move it back and forth at the root of the lashes to loosen the adhesive of the false lashes.
  • Once the falsies are loosened, hold the eyelid gently with one hand while the other hand remove the false lashes slowly (my note: start from the outer corner and pull inwards).  Avoid using force. “

Xiao Kai Lao Shi advises purchasing eyelash adhesive from reputable counters or companies.  Make sure that the product is not past its expiry date.  (‘Duo’ adhesive  – sold in MAC  –  is a rather good product in my experience.)

My note: The above removal method is used for the removal of strip false lashes.  Individual false lashes are usually adhered by a more permanent adhesive which requires a glue dissolver before the lashes can be removed.


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