Younger skin – Yes, it is possible…

The last couple of posts talked about ageing, an inevitable biological process that takes place.  Whilst keeping our spirit young, I think we’d all like to defy the physical ‘assaults’ of ageing as much as possible.

The beauty industry is anti-ageing and pro-youth.  (In fact, this anti-ageing effort does more harm than good! But let’s not digress).   In the area of skincare,  I’m not sure how many products out there really work in making the skin ‘younger’, but I do think that with the right knowledge, we can take better care of our skin, which then leads to it being more able in keeping itself well.

I’m a follower/subscriber of Paula Begoun ( and I subscribe to Beautypedia and Beauty Exclusives bulletin which she uses to share her findings and opinions on all types of products in the market.  Needless to say, not everyone, particularly those in the industry, likes what she says, but she has the consumers’ interest at heart.

For those of you who aren’t sure what sort of updates Paula sends out, this is a screen capture of the latest bulletin dated 7th June 2011.

Beauty Exclusives bulletin

Her bulletin this week fits right in with what I’ve been thinking about.  I’ve extracted a section on ‘younger skin’  so that you can read it here.


Dear Paula
I have a question about the anti-aging headline on this month’s Home page: “Younger Skin, Guaranteed! We can’t change your age but we can change your skin.” I totally get the second part (actually, it’s pretty clever), but for the first part did you mean to say “Younger-Looking Skin Guaranteed”? I mean, who wouldn’t want skin that is actually younger but is that really possible? Isn’t this statement pushing things too far?

Don’t get me wrong, my skin looks great thanks to your RESIST products but I’m just not sure I buy that my skin is actually younger now. Can you please explain exactly what you mean by this?

I really look forward to a reply!

Donna, MN

Dear Donna,

My team and I have had lengthy discussions about what it means for skin to actually be younger and not just look younger. What I believe strongly is that a vast amount of research shows that using the right skin-care products and making the right lifestyle choices (healthy diet, not smoking, not tanning) can make your skin not just look younger but be younger in many ways. Here’s why:

Daily use of a well-formulated sunscreen rated SPF 15 or greater significantly reduces inflammation—a key trigger for multiple signs of aging. When inflammation is reduced, skin can behave as young skin does. Also, because sun damage causes DNA in your skin cells to mutate, when you stop sun damage you allow your skin to repair itself and stop further injury. This critical step absolutely maintains young skin and actually prevents skin from becoming older due to new sun damage that otherwise would occur.

One major result of sun damage is that the surface layers of skin become thick while the lower layers become weak and thin. Using a well-formulated AHA or BHA exfoliant (not a scrub because that can irritate and inflame skin, and that ages skin) literally removes surface layers of sun-damaged skin and increases collagen production in the lower layers. Now you can have, to some degree, your skin the way it was before sun damage occurred—and you can begin to see results overnight. Exfoliation is a key step to having skin become younger.

What else helps skin be young? Using products with no fragrance or irritants (synthetic or natural) reduces inflammation deep in the skin that causes skin’s support structures to break down, in variety of ways. For example irritation causes collagen breakdown and impairs new collagen production. Stop irritation and its resulting inflammation and you not only prevent collagen breakdown, but also allow your skin to generate new, healthy collagen. That is exactly what young skin does!

Another aspect of young skin is that it has an ample supply of antioxidants, skin-repairing substances, and cell-communicating ingredients. All of these substances combine to keep skin looking smooth, supple, radiant, and healthy and better able to fight environmental damage (especially sun damage and pollution). As we age, the cumulative damage that has taken place steadily depletes these vital components in skin. When a well-formulated skin-care product contains these ingredients, you’re giving back to your skin the substances it had when it was young, allowing it to become more like young skin.

From my perspective, after reviewing hundreds of studies over the years, all of this adds up to having skin that not only looks young but actually becomes younger. These facts, based on abundant research, are how and why I created all my skin-care systems, and, in particular, RESIST. It is the best way to have beautiful, younger skin!

(RESIST is a product range from Paula’s Choice, which is Paula Begoun’s own line of products.)


Paula’s Choice is available in Malaysia, though the range is rather limited.  Click here if you wish to find out more about it. I’ve used some of her products and find them very good.


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