How To Choose Natural-Looking False Lashes

If you ask me what makeup traits dominate these last few years, I’ll have to say “natural makeup” and “the use of false lashes”.

In the previous post, I blogged about what natural makeup means to me.  In this one, I’d like to talk about the use of false lashes and how to find natural-looking ones that suit you.

The use of false lashes is no longer restricted to stage shows and evening events.  In fact many people I know wear false lashes daily – even to work.  In the past, false lashes were considered acceptable only for glamorous evening events, photography and stage performances by most people.  However, with more and more ‘natural-looking’ options available, I find that people are more open to experimenting with them.

If you’re thinking of experimenting with false lashes, but you don’t want to look ‘weird’, read on to find out more about choosing false lashes that look ‘natural’.

My fav lashes - clear strip and sparse 'lashes'

Let’s consider some of the factors that affect our choices.

  •  Lighting – Day Light:

Day time makeup should be subtle.  In daylight, makeup colours show up very clearly. You will also notice that dark colours like black look harsher and heavier for in day light, and as a result, they do not flatter the wearer if too much is applied.  So, in the same way, if your false lashes are thick and long, they look exaggerated and heavy, therefore, they don’t look ‘natural’.  They also tend to cast a shadow under your eyes.

  • Lighting – Incandescent (yellow) lighting

Yellow lighting is much more forgiving than daylight.  In fact it casts a flattering glow.  For your false lashes to look ‘natural’ for an evening out, you can afford to wear lashes that are slightly longer and thicker.  And your makeup colours can be darker and slightly thicker even for a ‘natural’ look.

  • Views:

Views refer to how others see your eyes.  People look at us from various angles – up, down, left and right.   Thick, dark, false lashes just don’t look good from the side and top if you’re in day light.  They’re flattering seen in incandescent (yellow) lighting which softens your made-up look.

Avoid having lashes that darken your eyes if you’re going to spend most of your time in an office environment or an environment with bright lighting.

  •  Makeup or No Makeup:

Sparse and ‘thin’ false lashes are appropriate for a barely there makeup look (note:  not ‘no makeup’).  Even ‘natural’ makeup is makeup.  In any case, you should have some makeup on if you’re wearing false lashes.

Thick false lashes are for heavy smoky eyes and evening looks.

How should you choose your false lashes?  Bear in mind the following:

  1. Your personal style
  2. The occasion and / or the look you wish to achieve
  3. Your eye features
  4. Your own lashes

For the purpose of discussing false lashes for day makeup, let’s take a look at our own lashes.

  • What are your own lashes like?  How would you describe your lashes?  Long, thick, sparse, short, point downwards, always curled…..
  • For false lashes to look nice for a day look, you should select those that are similar to your own lashes. 

My nephew's long lashes!

My case study:

  • My natural lashes are of average length and average volume (thickness).  So, the lashes that look best on me are those that are of similar length and volume.  That is because they help to volumise my existing lashes.  If applied close enough to the lashline, they don’t even look like they are false.
  • I also notice that the falsies that look good are those that are crisscrossed at the strip.   That’s because my lashes grow that way themselves.  Falsies that have straight too-neat ‘lashes’ look odd on me because they don’t blend in well with my own.
  • I also prefer falsies that do not have a black strip.  Clear strips are better. You just need to fill in with eyeliner.

    Good lashes. Pros - fine and natural. Cons : the thick strip. They must be applied very near to the lashline.


Hope the notes above help with your selection of false lashes!


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