Tools for Applying False Eyelashes

1. Eyelash Applicators

Shu Uemura’s False Eyelash Applicator costs a whopping RM138 and claims to ‘enable foolproof false eyelash application. The handmade, stainless-steel applicator has a unique curved tip to hold lashes in the desired position for easy application.’

I admit I was tempted to try it out but I just couldn’t bring myself to pay this amount of money to buy something that I hardly use.

Shu Uemura's False Eyelash Applicator

I’m always on the lookout for cosmetics ‘gadgets’, so I was quite happy to see something similar at a fraction of the price. At RM5.00 I decided to give it a go.

How to use this tool:

  1. Apply glue to the base of the false lashes.  Then wait for the glue to get ‘tacky’  (ie. not wet, but not completely dry either).
  2. Hold the lashes with this tool and place the lashes at the lashline of your original lashes. The key is to apply the false lashes as close to the lashline as possible.
  3. Next,  use the fingers of  your free hand to hold the lashes in place at one corner of the eye while the applicator holds down the other end. Only let go after the lashes are in place.
  • My verdict after trying this out:  slightly helpful but not necessary.
  • Having this tool or any other tools for that matter isn’t the main issue when it comes to eyelash application.  Ultimately it boils down to practise – and practise makes perfect whether you use your fingers or  tools.


2.  Eyelash Adhesives

Koji eyelash adhesive - black glue; DUO eyelash adhesive - white but dries clear

DUO eyelash adhesives are truly excellent.  Application of lashes is easy, and so is their removal.  I say this because some adhesives are so sticky that it is painful to remove them.  I must say that in terms of quality of adhesion, DUO and KOJI are both good but I’ll pick DUO any day.

My verdict:

  • KOJI black eyelash adhesive:  (Pros) I have read that black adhesives are good because they make it unnecessary to apply eyeliner over the lashline.   (Cons)  However, I found that black adhesives are tricky to handle, and any slip leaves a black mark that is not easily removed.  This is only for pros.
  • DUO eyelash adhesive:  (Pros) This glue is white but dries clear.  There isn’t a problem if you happen to slip and gets the glue glue your eyeshadow.  (Cons) An extra step in applying the eyeliner is required to ensure there is a neat line at the lashline (but that’s a small issue).

DUO (left), KOJI (right) when wet

Once dry, DUO (left) is clear, KOJI (right) remains black

Truly, all you need to apply your false eyelashes well are the falsies, adhesive, trained fingers, a mirror and good eyesight.


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