Inner beauty, outer beauty – what are your beauty essentials?

It was one of those rare opportunities……for me at least.

I had the privilege to attend a radio interview with my partner in ‘crime’, Gene, at the local radio station this morning.  We’re thankful to our DJ Celine of Red FM Kuching for the chance to share our thoughts on beauty among other things.  (She’s a true 达人.)

The more I think about the concept of ‘beauty’, the more I’m convinced that it’s more than skin deep.  Really.  Truly. Not that I hadn’t accepted it, it’s just that whenever I think about it, the deeper it gets into the skin.

I think about Mum whose hair’s all grey now, and sports a bit of a tum-tum – there is absolutely nothing un-beautiful about her.  Beauty is more than youth, looks and good figure.

It’s all very cliched, I know.  But no matter how much we are aware of it, I believe many of us who are interested in the things that groom and dress us well can’t help but sometimes be victims of consumerism (yes, I’m shifting the blame here teehee…).

Gene, DJ Celine and I all agree that outer beauty – good grooming and presentation- should / must be complemented with inner beauty – the presence of good character, love and virtues, and a good dose of ‘culture’.

My cousin, Linda, introduced me a new term in Chinese ‘文化美容‘, which roughly means ‘culture-grooming’,  some weeks ago.  And I’m inclined to believe that an inclusion of that in our daily takings can make us slightly more cultured, learned and aware even when we’re in our horrible-st clothes.

For those interested in learning more about image grooming, have a look at this article (in chinese) which talks about the role 文化美容 plays in the a positive image. Though it talks about women predominantly, it’s relevant to males nonetheless.


DJ Celine on Red Fm - a woman who's multi-disciplined and multi-talented, impressive behind and in front of the mic, backstage and onstage, an epitome of one learned in 文化美容






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