Color Hunter for YOU: Dressing in your colours

I just stumbled upon a great site.

It’s called: Color Hunter.

Home Page for Color Hunter

What’s so special about it?

We can upload a picture and get the main colours found in it (complete with the universal Hex colour codes).


Why should we be excited about it then?

We can immediately what colours are in our bodies through the aid of a picture. 

Whenever I give talks on colours, I get this question: what colour suits me most?

The truth is I can’t answer anyone straight off without doing a proper analysis under strict conditions (ie. correct lighting, no makeup and going through a set of drapes).

So, this is where Color Hunter is useful and empowering for the individual who wants to do a simple colour analysis in his/her own home.  Read on……..

One of the most important things in PERSONAL COLOUR ANALYSIS is to search for the colours that LIKE us, colours that complement us.   These colours are obviously those that are already in our skin, hair and eyes.  For those who have the opportunity to consult a colour analyst, finding the ‘right’ colours isn’t an issue.  However, for those who don’t have a chance to go for a Personal Colour Analysis, the best way to do it is to look at your skin, hair and eyes, and see what your colours are.  The colours found in your own body are the ones that LIKE you!

That’s how Color Hunter can help.

Let’s see an example:

I uploaded this picture of J.Lo into Color Hunter.

The colors that  were generated from this picture are:

Colours derived from the picture

J.Lo’s skin tone is warm and her hair colour is tinged with various shades of brown and tinges of gold.  Naturally, these colours look good on her because they HARMONISE with her natural colouring.  (ignore ‘white’ – that’s from her clothes)

Let’s see another example:

The picture I selected


I cropped the pic above to show only my hair and skin colours. I don't want the colours of my earring, background and shirt to be included.


These are the colours generated from my picture.

Indeed, these colours are flattering on me. I’m warm toned, and my colours are generally deep.  Rich warm colours like these are preferred over cool colours.

How can I use these colours?

Use them for your colours and accessories from earrings to shoes.

Give it a go!  But before you try, take a picture first.  Make sure you follow the steps below for a more accurate colour analysis:

  1. Take a head shot with a neutral white background.
  2. Take the picture in good natural light, avoid flash.
  3. Avoid wearing accessories.
  4. Crop the pictures if necessary to remove ‘foreign’ colours.

The Color Hunter is a simple way to find the basic colours that flatter you.  Its shortfall is that it can’t help you find other flattering colours not in the picture.   But, it is a pretty good way to start!


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