How to wear false eyelashes without looking like you’re wearing them

Main issues with wearing falsies: 1. our eyelashes look false a mile away,  2. we tend to look more ‘made-up’ than we wish to.

In a previous post I talked about choosing natural lashes.  In summary, we choose natural lashes according to these factors:

  1. Your personal style
  2. The occasion and / or the look you wish to achieve
  3. Your eye features
  4. Your own lashes

Bearing in mind that ‘natural looking false lashes’ is an oxymoron, many of us girls still want to explore ways to enhance our natural lashes to make them look fuller and longer.  Nice long lashes just make us look more feminine.

How to wear falsies without looking like you’re wearing any?

First we need to understand why false lashes look ‘unnatural’.

  • False lashes often look too thick when they combine with our own.  To look natural, we should select those that are sparse, not thick and dense.
  • The eyelash bone of false lashes are usually stuck onto our upper lashes so they are exposed, giving away the fact that we are wearing falsies.  To look more natural, hide the eyelash bone, or select falsies that have transparent bone.

Steps to achieving natural looking false-eyelash-look:

  1. Get strip lashes that are sparse.  Thick lashes look fake.


    The pair on the right will provide the more natural visual effect.

  2. Cut the strip into 3 or 4 short pieces.


    Cut into 3 or 4 depending on your preference

  3. Apply glue to the top of the eyelash bone. You’re going to apply the strips under your natural lashes.


    Apply glue to the top of the bone.

  4. Apply these strips UNDER your natural lashes (NOT ABOVE as is commonly done).
  5. Image

    Apply the strips under your natural lashes. Place a short strip at the end, middle and front.

  • Important: Apply glue to the upper part of the eyelash bone. This way, the glue will stick to your lashes, not the upper waterline. (The waterline is the part that’s just under the root of the lashes.)

After attaching a strip at the corner of the eyeImage


Eye closed: you can't tell that there is a false strip under the lashes.


(Sorry about the inconsistency in the lighting of the photos. They’re just to illustrate a point. )


A video speaks ten thousand words, so to illustrate check out Queenie Chan’s youtube video on this method of applying the lashes.  The video is in Cantonese but there are English subs and she demonstrates the technique clearly in it as well.  Happy trying!

My verdict after trying this out: 

  • A very good application tip. Just need to be careful that you do not get glue on your waterline.  Remember, apply the glue at the top of the eyelash bone.

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