How To Choose the Right Double Eyelid Tape – Part 1 Types of Double Eyelid Tape

This is a 4-part series on some information about eyelid tapes.


Double eyelid tapes are commonly found in Asian cosmetic stores with more varieties than ever before.

Let me share some tips with you so that the next time you go shopping for eyelid tape, you can think about these pointers before you make your selection.

The main factors to consider are these 4: ‘Type, Color, Shape and Texture.  This post covers the first one: Type.


There are single-sided and double-sided eyelid tapes in the market.

A. Single-sided tape is like regular cellophane tape (one sided). When you stick it on your eyelid, it sits flat on the surface, thus pushing and supporting your lid, creating a fold at the top of the tape.

One type of single-sided eyelid tape - you cut the tape into your desired shape and length.

There are 2 types of single-sided eyelid tape.

  • One comes in a roll (like cellophane tape – picture above) and you need to cut them into shape yourself.
  • The other type has been cut out for you. You just need to detach them from the backing and stick them onto your lids.

B. Double-sided tape, like double-sided tape, is sticky on both sides. If applied correctly, it is hidden – sandwiched between the skin folds of your eyelid. Correctly used, you won’t be able to see the tape at all, therefore faking the most ‘natural’ looking double-eyelid for you.  The best quality double-sided eyelid tape is produced by Japan, called ‘D-Up Wonder Eyelid Tape’.

Which one to use?

1.  For newbies / those who hate fuss :  the single-sided cut-out tape
You just need to get the right shape and size for your desired double eyelid effect and tape it on. With practice you’ll get it right.

A variety of shapes are available.

2.  For the adventurous / those who are conscious about displaying their eye tape:   double-sided eyelid tape

But be warned, this is tricky to use. An applicator comes with the tape when you purchase them, but getting the tape out and sticking them correctly on your eyelids without using fingers takes practice. (But truthfully, single-sided eyelid tape is just as tricky to use!)

Who uses the eyelid tape in rolls?

This is usually used by makeup artists who encounter a variety of eye shapes in their line of work.  They also have the expertise in cutting the tape into the shape, size and length that is required.

My Verdict:


3 thoughts on “How To Choose the Right Double Eyelid Tape – Part 1 Types of Double Eyelid Tape

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  2. can you describe how the different eyelid tape shapes effects the eyelid fold shape? for example, i don’t quite understand the big oval eyelid tape? it’s so big compared to the other two thin moon shape pieces..

    thank you (:

  3. Hi there, well, the big oval eyelid tape is actually two moon-shaped pieces 🙂 If you look at the picture with all the tape lined up on my arm, it’s actually the one on the far right. Well, it is bigger than the others, and I find it almost impossible to use on heavy monolids. They show up very clearly. Hope that answers your question!

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