How To Choose the Right Double Eyelid Tape – Part 2 Choosing the Right Colour

This is Part 2 of a series on how to choose the right double eyelid tape.  Part 1 talked about the different types of eyelid tape, and in this part, I’ll talk about the right colour for the tape.  (In Parts 3 and 4 will be about the right shape and texture of the tape.)

Part 2 – How to Choose the Right Colour

The most natural foundation colour is the colour that ‘disappears’ into our skin after application. Odd that that may sound, but it’s true.  When I do makeup for a client, I will usually apply a few stripes of foundation in different tones near her jawline to see which colour blends into her skin most.  The reason for doing this is obvious: we don’t want people to see our foundation, we just want them to see that our skin tone is even.

The same holds true when we choose an eye tape.  The tape whose colour disappears into our skin is the most natural for us.  If you look at the picture below, you’ll notice that Left 2 and Middle are the closest to my skin tone, they are the ones I would use.  In fact, these 2 pieces of tape are pale yellow, not ‘transparent’ or ‘white’.

The next time you look for an eyetape, choose a yellow one (over a white or transparent one) if you’re warm toned.  It gives the most natural effect.


  • white / transparent tapes: they tend to reflect light, making the tape look more obvious than necessary.
  • shiny tapes – pick ‘matte‘ ones to avoid drawing attention to the tape.

Taken without flash but with slight reflection from the light overhead.


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