How To Choose the Right Double Eyelid Tape – Part 3 Choosing the Right Shape

Here comes Part 3 of my double-eyelid tape series, on the shape of double eyelid tape and what types of eyes they are suitable for.

Eyes that need double eyelid tape are those that are mono-lidded, hooded, or droopy.  In general, mono-lidded eyes are often described as ‘asian’ eyes which have no obvious lid crease or line above the lash line.  Hooded lids are lids that are heavier in the middle of the eye, like Taylor Swift or Hayden Panettiere’s, making their eyes look longer, rather than round.  Older people may have hooded eyes as they age too.  Droopy eyes are more often seen in older people whose eyelids of the outer corner sag because of age.

My double-lidded lines are hidden, so at first glance, I have mono-lids, while in fact my lids are actually hooded (they fold over the lines and I have a flat eyelid space from eyelash to eyebrow).


No obvious double-eyelid crease. Flat area from eyelash to eyebrow.

To open up the eye, I can use an eyelid tape to ‘support’ the lid above my lash line.


Crescent shaped – The curve in the middle supports the middle part of my lid and will make my eye appear ’rounder’.

The same eyetape shape will work for hooded eyelids as well, but often the tape will need to be thinner to prevent the tape from flipping.


The ‘red’ part – a thinner piece of tape with the shape of the blue one is preferred for the hooded eye, but the position may need to be adjusted according to each person’s eye.

For the droopy eye, you’ll need an eyelid tape with a shape that can ‘lift’ the outer corner of the eye.


The thicker end at the outer corner of the eye helps to lift it, creating a lifted eye.   (In fact, without eyetape, the same effect can be achieved by applying a darker shadow in the same area as the thicker area of the tape right down to the lashline.)

In conclusion:

The SHAPES of the eyelid tapes above are simply a guide, but you’ll need to adjust the thickness and length of the tape according to your eye. So far, I’ve found those of the ‘crescent shape’ (see the first one above) the most versatile.

The hardest to use for me is the following:


Too thick and the bottom line too straight.

For the most natural look, I still think that the double-sided eyelid tape is the best.


No eye-tape


With double-sided Wonder Eyelid tape

Notice how the tape can’t be seen even after it’s been taped on.



This tape doesn’t come cheap, but it’s worth the money if it does what you want it to.


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