How To Choose the Right Double Eyelid Tape – Part 4 Texture of the Tape

Textures of eyetape vary, and eyeshadow primers may be required to help eyeshadows stay on eyetape

How important is texture of the eyetape in selecting the right type??

Which eyetape is better for eyeshadows to stick to? Left (smooth) or Right (textured)?

Truth be told, eyeshadows stick better on the tape on your right. There is much texture (grooves) for eyeshadows to adhere to, but unfortunately, I find that these tapes come in colours that are too pale for yellow or darker skin-tones.  For a more ‘natural’ look, the one on the left is better, BUT an eyeshadow primer (or eyeshadow base) is definitely required for the shadows to stick.

Frankly, the textured tape that I have on the right falls short of expectations as an eyetape.  My main problem with it is the colour these tapes often come in.

With a wide variety of good eye-primers we have today, eyeshadow application and adherence on eyetape are no longer issues.  Most definitely, I’d advise everyone to choose the right COLOUR and SHAPE over texture. (If you’re yellow-toned, go for a light yellow tape instead of a transparent or white tape.)

To conclude the eyetape series, I’d select my single-sided eyetape with consideration of the factors in the following order:

  1. Colour
  2. Shape
  3. Texture

These 3 factors are irrelevant if you’ve decided on getting double-sided eyelid tape which is invisible after application.  If you’re unsure about what double-sided eyelid tape is check out Part 1 of this series.



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