In Search of the Perfect Eyeliner

I’ve no fewer than 20 eyeliners, and most of them have done very little work.  I have all types – pencil, gel, liquid, powder – and I do have my favourites among them.  Unfortunately, my favourites aren’t always perfect, but anyway….

What I look for in a perfect eyeliner:

  • long-wear
  • smudge-proof
  • pigmented.

I don’t think that’s too much to ask, but because I expect all 3 to be present in 1 eyeliner, the search has been difficult and costly, still few eyeliners have delivered.

Before I make these liners sound bad, I’d like to clarify that a lot has to do with my eyes.  I have ‘fat’ lower lids that push up when I laugh or smile, so my eyeliners migrate to my eye-bags. For a product to stay, it’d need to beat my oily lids (upper lids) and stay dry. Yeah….so when an eyeliner doesn’t measure up, half the fault is mine really.

I’m doing a quick review below on a few products I have used:

1.  MAC Fluidline (Average)

MAC Fluidline

A very popular gel liner which hasn’t done much for me.  It smudges in the humid environment I live in.

2.  Dejavu Lasting-Fine Pencil Gel Liner (Average)

One of the more lasting ones for me, but still smudges after a few hours.

3.  Kanebo T’estimo Liquid Eyeliner – discontinued  (Good)

A good liquid liner that lasts longer than the two mentioned above, but it takes a while to dry, and it tends to flake off at the end of the day.  Plus the fact that it has a shiny finish, it isn’t good for ‘wrinkly’ eyelids.

4.  OFFICE Water Soluble Eyeliner Powder (Excellent)

Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!

My search for the perfect liner ended with this one for now at least.

This is a powder liner that needs to be mixed with water before use.  If it sounds inconvenient to you, all I can say is that the result is worth all the effort.  Learn to do it quick (with the right tools!) and you’ll be done in no time.  No mess.  The product dries fast and lasts all day.

  • Tools I use with this product?  A spray bottle and a thin angled brush about half-an-index-finger’s width.  3 “presses” of the brush on my eyelid and I’m done (I have small eyes…. :p)
  • Application tip:  After loading an angled brush with product, ‘press’ the brush onto the lashline (it’s not necessary to drag it unless you prefer).  You can get the product very close to the lashline using this method.

Spray water on the lid of the case, and wet brush. After that, mix product with it. (Don’t spray water directly into the product.)

I will not recommend this product for tightlining (lining the inner rim of the eyes) though.  Pencil liners are preferred for tightlining because of hygiene reasons.  (Pencils should be sharpened and sanitized with alcohol before tightlining.)

Result of Liners mentioned above:


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