How to Choose the Right Makeup Colours for Your Skintone

If only choosing the right makeup colours was easy….perhaps for some it is, but for many of us, it’s a problem we face each time we choose a makeup product.

Hopefully, having a better understanding of COLOURS will help us to make better colour choices, be they for clothing or makeup.

Few people explain the COLOUR THEORY for makeup better than Robert Jones.  I’d just like to share this video with you so that you can gain an understanding of how our natural skin colour interacts with colours we put on our face.

I’m merely introducing the video here so you can decide if you want to check it out.  I’d just like to say that I gained a lot from this.

Click this:  Learn Makeup Color Theory Using the Color Theory with Robert Jones


I like how the description gives a detailed overview of the video, you know exactly what he’s going to cover….



Primary colours, secondary colours, tertiary colours


Bring attention to the eyes using complementary colours (colours opposite the colour wheel eg. blue is opposite of orange/brown in the colour wheel so blue and brown are complementary colours)


Skintone and blushers – the way to identify which blusher colour is better for your skintone


Skintone and lip colours – why certain colours do not suit certain skin tones


Robert Jones explains why the colour on our left is better than the one on the right, though both suit the skin tone they’re placed against.

Do spare some time viewing this video (15 mins) – I think it helps demystify some colour ‘issues’ we have with our makeup!

All credit goes to Robert Jones Beauty Academy, I’m merely introducing this to you readers so you could share my discovery! 


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