Colours – Mixing Bland and Wham! to add Style!

Too much of a good thing isn’t good for anyone.

That’s true with colours too.

Are you one who wears lots of neutrals be they light or dark? (Black, grey, brown, beige, white)
Or are you a colour fan? (You’re a swirl of colours – the more the better!)

Neutrals are great – but worn on their own, they often lack pizzazz.
Colours are great too – but with too many at one time, they cheapen the look.

Bear in mind though, for some great style, you need a combination of some neutrals and impact colours. Your neutrals will have more depth and life, and your colours will receive the attention they deserve.

Nature provides us with lots of colour-matching inspiration for our wardrobe. I’m sure many of us have an abundance of clothes in colours of nature, but if we don’t wear these colours with some pizzazz, they are rather bland; only good if you don’t want to stand out.

For the purpose of illustration, I’m using the picture below as the inspiration for our colour matching exercise. Notice how most colours are muted, except for the bright yellow leaf.


In the picture below: the outfit colours have been chosen based using the same colours seen in its background.

Outfit using colours in the background as a guide.

Since the pop of colour in the background is the yellow leaf, interest can be added to an outfit in the same way. The key is to add only one or two pieces of interest colours. This helps to provide a focus and add interest, but don’t let these pops of colour rob your outfit of harmony. The way to do it is to add colours that harmonise with the overall scheme (like the yellow above), and avoid having more than one colour that ‘pops’.

The following polyvore shows how yellow is the impact colour of the outfit. Without it, the colours of the outfit blend very well, but they are bland. Colour and style go together to create a good mix. Without the right colours, the impact of good style is reduced.

Yellow as the impact colour

However, if there are too many focal colours, they tend to clutter the look like how the olive shoes, the orange & olive necklace and the yellow bag compete for attention below.

Accessories added but the colour of the shoes make the combination rather 'busy'.

The shoe colour in the picture below matches the overall outfit better because our attention is focused on the bag.

Shoe colour matches better.

Below, we keep the olive flats, but use a straw-coloured bag instead and an understated necklace to harmonise with the rest of the outfit.

Straw bag is a better match for olive shoes

Showcasing ‘wham!’ colours……..
Take nature as our inspiration.
Use ‘wham!’ colours in your accessories like handbags and shoes. This way, you can wear the same clothes and have different looks each time you change your accessories.



I was browsing for some locally made accessories when I came across one which has some good advice for storing your jewelry.  Click here and have a read.


Accessories are must-have items if you want to be able to maximise your wardrobe.  I don’t think one should spend a lot of money on clothes and accessories, but I do encourage you to get some affordable,and age- and work-appropriate accessories to jazz up your outfits.

Bib necklace

There are a number of factors involved in choosing the right accessories.  Age, status, work, environment, occasion are the main ones.  To me, personal style carries the most weight in your choice of accessories.  Your accessories ‘speak’ your style.   Are you feminine? Are you classic? Are you  creative?  Are you a rebel?  Out of tons of accessories available to you now, what calls your name?

Work your style in your choice of accessories.