Color Hunter for YOU: Dressing in your colours

I just stumbled upon a great site.

It’s called: Color Hunter.

Home Page for Color Hunter

What’s so special about it?

We can upload a picture and get the main colours found in it (complete with the universal Hex colour codes).


Why should we be excited about it then?

We can immediately what colours are in our bodies through the aid of a picture. 

Whenever I give talks on colours, I get this question: what colour suits me most?

The truth is I can’t answer anyone straight off without doing a proper analysis under strict conditions (ie. correct lighting, no makeup and going through a set of drapes).

So, this is where Color Hunter is useful and empowering for the individual who wants to do a simple colour analysis in his/her own home.  Read on……..

One of the most important things in PERSONAL COLOUR ANALYSIS is to search for the colours that LIKE us, colours that complement us.   These colours are obviously those that are already in our skin, hair and eyes.  For those who have the opportunity to consult a colour analyst, finding the ‘right’ colours isn’t an issue.  However, for those who don’t have a chance to go for a Personal Colour Analysis, the best way to do it is to look at your skin, hair and eyes, and see what your colours are.  The colours found in your own body are the ones that LIKE you!

That’s how Color Hunter can help.

Let’s see an example:

I uploaded this picture of J.Lo into Color Hunter.

The colors that  were generated from this picture are:

Colours derived from the picture

J.Lo’s skin tone is warm and her hair colour is tinged with various shades of brown and tinges of gold.  Naturally, these colours look good on her because they HARMONISE with her natural colouring.  (ignore ‘white’ – that’s from her clothes)

Let’s see another example:

The picture I selected


I cropped the pic above to show only my hair and skin colours. I don't want the colours of my earring, background and shirt to be included.


These are the colours generated from my picture.

Indeed, these colours are flattering on me. I’m warm toned, and my colours are generally deep.  Rich warm colours like these are preferred over cool colours.

How can I use these colours?

Use them for your colours and accessories from earrings to shoes.

Give it a go!  But before you try, take a picture first.  Make sure you follow the steps below for a more accurate colour analysis:

  1. Take a head shot with a neutral white background.
  2. Take the picture in good natural light, avoid flash.
  3. Avoid wearing accessories.
  4. Crop the pictures if necessary to remove ‘foreign’ colours.

The Color Hunter is a simple way to find the basic colours that flatter you.  Its shortfall is that it can’t help you find other flattering colours not in the picture.   But, it is a pretty good way to start!


Inner beauty, outer beauty – what are your beauty essentials?

It was one of those rare opportunities……for me at least.

I had the privilege to attend a radio interview with my partner in ‘crime’, Gene, at the local radio station this morning.  We’re thankful to our DJ Celine of Red FM Kuching for the chance to share our thoughts on beauty among other things.  (She’s a true 达人.)

The more I think about the concept of ‘beauty’, the more I’m convinced that it’s more than skin deep.  Really.  Truly. Not that I hadn’t accepted it, it’s just that whenever I think about it, the deeper it gets into the skin.

I think about Mum whose hair’s all grey now, and sports a bit of a tum-tum – there is absolutely nothing un-beautiful about her.  Beauty is more than youth, looks and good figure.

It’s all very cliched, I know.  But no matter how much we are aware of it, I believe many of us who are interested in the things that groom and dress us well can’t help but sometimes be victims of consumerism (yes, I’m shifting the blame here teehee…).

Gene, DJ Celine and I all agree that outer beauty – good grooming and presentation- should / must be complemented with inner beauty – the presence of good character, love and virtues, and a good dose of ‘culture’.

My cousin, Linda, introduced me a new term in Chinese ‘文化美容‘, which roughly means ‘culture-grooming’,  some weeks ago.  And I’m inclined to believe that an inclusion of that in our daily takings can make us slightly more cultured, learned and aware even when we’re in our horrible-st clothes.

For those interested in learning more about image grooming, have a look at this article (in chinese) which talks about the role 文化美容 plays in the a positive image. Though it talks about women predominantly, it’s relevant to males nonetheless.


DJ Celine on Red Fm - a woman who's multi-disciplined and multi-talented, impressive behind and in front of the mic, backstage and onstage, an epitome of one learned in 文化美容





Your Interview Image….. Is ‘body art’ ok?

I was reading a series of posts at a site I regularly visit and thought I’d share this with you.

Is ‘body art’ (tattoos and piercings) acceptable for job interviews?   Well, I’m sharing a link from this particular site and I’d encourage you to read the readers’ comments below the post.  (Readers offer their opinion derived from their own experiences.)

More and more young people are sporting tattoos these days.   It’s a personal preference, but at an interview, what is appropriate?

It’s helpful to consider the following:


  1. The industry – If you wish to get work in a conservative industry, best to cover up your tattoos and not to have piercings for the interview.  That also means that you probably need to do the same at work most times.  Be ready for that.
  2. The work environment –  Your bosses, colleagues and clients also influence your ‘dressing’.  You might not like this but that is how work often is.  Are you ok with that?
  3. Finally, a personal question….. Who / what is the body art for? Some people have tattoos for themselves for a very personal reason.  If it is so, you will probably have no problems about covering them up.

Truth be told, tattoos are yet to be considered acceptable in the conservative work environment and to  conservative people.  So I guess it boils down to how badly you need that job.

Just on the side…..

  • This is a news article about Angelina Jolie’s tattoos which are nightmares for film directors.  Read on to see why she defends them.
  • And for you female readers here, the site I linked to Academichic is an excellent site for those of you who want to look sharp for a conservative industry.  Do bookmark the site.

Good websites to check out!

I read various websites and blog frequently for reviews and research.  After being inspired by two of them, I decided to link you to 2 of them so that you can learn from them too!

For Men:

Kino Wear – Fashion Simplified

This is a blog by 2 MALE Image Consultants.  Image is for men as much as it is for women!

For Women:

Viva Woman – Natural beauty inside out

Read the site for lots of reviews and information on fashion, beauty and skincare products.

From Viva Woman, I found this wonderful article “How to Turn 12 Garments into 80 Outfits”.  Check it out!

Thanks to these writers who are so generous with their knowledge!

How To Deal With Body Odour….

Most of us who have body odour probably learned this unpleasant truth from others.  For some reason, body odour isn’t something the ‘sufferers’ are aware of in the first place – perhaps it’s because we grew up with it.  I remember being told about it when I reached puberty and I was embarrassed that it made others uncomfortable.  But at the time, I just didn’t know how to deal with it.

Maintaining proper hygiene is essential in keeping body odour at bay, but sometimes some of us need a little more help.  In my youth I used deodorants – sprays and roll-ons.  In particular, I found that Amway’s Body Series Deodorant & Antiperspirant Roll-on very effective in combating odour.  However, it left a sticky feeling under my arms that I didn’t like .  Yet, if I hadn’t a better choice, I’d still go for it.

If you think that fragrances can mask body odour, you are quite wrong.  A deodorant or anti-perspirant may do the job, but definitely colognes, perfumes and EDTs do very little for you in battling body odour.  In fact, a bad mix of scents and body odour can make the smell worse!

Not for dealing with body odour!

A few years ago, I discovered a FANTASTIC product that helps deal with my problem.  Dr. Mist! It’s a mixture of water, concentrated salts and minerals.  It helps eliminate body odour and relieves skin ailments such as rashes – both are true in my experience.

It’s simple to use:  I just spray under my arms after my shower and let it dry naturally.  It’s just a watery spray.  No sticky or greasy feel or residue!

I’ve used many bottles of Dr. Mist in the last few years, and it’s been the best remedy for me.  I’ve tried crystals, deodorants and anti-perspirants.  This by far gives me the best result.  The product is available in all pharmacies and personal care stores in Malaysia, but I’m not sure about other countries.  Do check it out if you have  this concern.

  • Body odour is not pleasant for the person who has it, and is worse so for the people around him.  Do him a favour by taking him aside and offer a solution.
  • If you are a parent, make sure that you tell your children if they have body odour.  Don’t let them hear it from their friends.  It’s common, and there is a remedy for it.
  • If you’re unsure if you have body odour, ask a trusted friend/family member.

How do you deal with your body odour concerns?

Dressing Well

I’ve been out of action because of a sore right arm which renders simple jobs a painful chore.   It’s still not good enough for normal typing and other types of normal work yet, so this is a cut-and-paste of an article that I read sometime ago.   This article gives a good summary of what dressing well is.  I hope you benefit from it.  It’s NOT JUST FOR THE GIRLS!

7  Smart Ways to Look Your Best

Often we get an impression that dressing well is effortless.  Some people do it so well.  However, I don’t think it’s as easy as we think.  A person who’s taken the time and made the effort to look will look better than one who hasn’t.  It’s about being conscious and selective in what you buy in the first place.  So that the part of dressing takes less effort, but not no effort at all.  Dress smart is the way to go.

How do you become a smart dresser? Begin by wanting to look your best and learn more about yourself – your body type and your fashion personality. You take that information and blend it with your lifestyle and the rules of fashion, and you become a smart dresser.

Let’s take a look at some things to think about when you’re choosing the clothes you want to wear.

1.   The right fit

Clothes that are too big or are ill-fitting will not only make you look larger, they will hide your assets and accentuate figure flaws. Jackets, pants and skirts should be tailored to fit a person’s body measurements. For example, a jacket should fit in the shoulder area and have sleeves that are the correct length – ending just below the wrist bone. Blouses that are too tight around the bust line, too long or droop off the shoulders, are just some examples of how the wrong fit can ruin your look.

2.   The right colour

The best looking outfit will loose all its pizzazz if the colour does not complement the wearer. Colour is one of the most important aspects of looking great. The wrong colour will make your skin look dull, lines and wrinkles more apparent, and dark circles darker. The right colours will make skin look radiant, eyes will sparkle and lines, wrinkles and dark circles, less noticeable.

Colour is divided into warm and cool categories. For those whose skin has yellow undertones, warm colours look best on them. Those whose skin has blue undertones look best in cool colours. Usually, we are drawn to colours that look best on us and if you pay attention to how different colours blend with your skin tone you will make better colour choices. To learn more about which colours look best on you, seek the advice of a colour professional.

3.   Mane mantra

Your hair can make or break your look. To be sure that your hair is not ruining your look, get your hair cut by a hairstylist on a regular basis and keep your hairstyle up-to-date [nothing is more aging or will ruin your look faster than a hairstyle that is from another decade]. If you colour your hair, do it on a regular basis; don’t let the roots show. For the best look, get a hairstyle that suits the look you want to achieve and a colour that suits your skin tone.

4.   Make your wardrobe work

To make dressing a pleasurable experience and always look great you must have a wardrobe that works. A great wardrobe comes through planning. First decide if your wardrobe will be mainly casual or business, thereafter decide on your best colours. Choose three of your best colours and build a wardrobe capsule. A wardrobe capsule consists of jackets, pants, skirts and tops that mix and match. When you stop buying separate pieces and choose pieces that match what you previously own, your wardrobe becomes more manageable.

5.   Perfect shoes

Nothing ruins a look faster than shoes that are run down, scuffed or do not match the outfit. Shoes are a very important aspect of any wardrobe and should be taken care of with regular maintenance. Your shoes should also suit your outfit. If you are wearing an expensive suit, don’t ruin the look by wearing cheap shoes. Before you leave home, look in a full-length mirror and decide if your shoes complement your outfit. Your shoes should match your outfit in colour, weight and occasion.

6.   Access well

When you have a workable wardrobe and clothes that fit perfectly, you will need to spice up your wardrobe with accessories. An outfit without accessories is like a painting without a frame. Accessories make your outfit come alive. Choose accessories that suit your outfit. For example, a business suit calls for conservative jewellery. Choose accessories that also suit your body frame. A small woman looks better in small jewellery and a larger person can carry off larger jewellery pieces well.

7.   Look your best

A great attitude – don’t leave home without it. The best-dressed person in the world will not be looked on favourably if they have a bad attitude. Knowing how to look your best will create more opportunities but a great attitude – being able to get along with others, a pleasant personality and charm – is the driving force that will make you shine.

by Sheila Dicks