Swinburne University Sarawak Regional Intervasity Business Conference 2011

The last weekend has been eventful.  Two decades since I left university myself, I got a feel of uni life again.

Venue: The Multi-purpose Hall of Swinburne University Sarawak.

Gene (VP of Maison Monica Hair & Beauty Academy) and I were the speakers for the image and grooming segment in the Regional Intervarsity Business Conference 2011 organised by an energetic and efficient team from the CPA Australia Student Charter from Swinburne University Sarawak.   The conference ran over 2 days covering topics related to entrepreneurship, leadership, image and stress management.  Our session  entitled ‘Enhancing Your Professional Image’ was held on Saturday from 3-6pm.

The start of our session

To try to make the session more focused, we split the participants into male and female after a short combined session covering the bases and explaining the effect of colours of the clothes we wear.

The split sessions were gender-specific, addressing professional wear issues related to one’s body shape, features and other physical characteristics.  It is my hope that each participant took away something of value, no matter big or small, and work at it so that he/she becomes a better and wiser shopper and ‘dresser’.  Time to pick up the ‘Kaizen’ habit if we haven’t!

Which is the right heel for you?

Colours and cut matter

To wrap up each of these sessions, we also had a makeover for a representative from each of the groups to show the enhancing effect of a change in hairstyle & makeup.

Makeover in progress

The finishing touches

There are a few things that I noted throughout the conference and the preparations before it.

1.  Good teamwork and efficiency

I had an excellent contact person from the organising team who liased with me regularly about the event.  (You know who you are and I greatly appreciate that help.)  What I needed were noted, passed on and carried out.

That’s expected right?  No.

From experience, and the pros in the hospitality industry often failed on this account.   So for this, I must say, ‘Well done, Organising Committee of RIBC.’


It’s clearly your team effort that led to well-oiled operations.

2.  Grooming Generation Y

The people I saw and met are but a small number of our future leaders.  They are youthful and intelligent, savvy and creative.  Add some sense and sensibility, take away pride and prejudice, we have great people lined up to lead and support the country.  (Jane Austen’s titles are very appropriate here!)

The word ‘grooming‘ above refers to the external grooming as well as grooming for one’s career and future.  Young people, if you’re reading this, remember – “To contribute positively to the society,  look right, work right and have the desire to work for the greater good.”

Youth is an asset – use it well!

Maison Monica hair & makeup team together with the President of CPA Australia Student Charter Victor Druce (our male makeover model) and OC for the event Jia Jin (our female makeover model) and Nacy, the ever-efficient contact person for our segment.

Check out the photos on the Facebook pages of Imagessentials and Maison Monica.  This event was jointly presented by Maison Monica Hair & Beauty Academy and Imagessentials.


‘Enhancing Your Professional Image’ Seminar

The last 2 weeks were busy for me and my co-speaker Gene. We’d not had many speaking engagements in the previous couple of months, but when this particular one was finally confirmed, we had to get down to doing some serious work.

Gene and the makeover team in the background

It was a talk for a group of educators, organized by the Kuching-Serian Principals Committee on “Enhancing Your Professional Image”. Since the audience was a group of educators, it meant ‘no play-play’!

Translating our existing materials into Mandarin was a challenge for me particularly – but it was an excellent and timely learning experience. Excellent – because I’d never had the need, nor the motivation to do it. Timely – because I have another similar engagement coming up end of the month together with my co-speaker. It pretty much means that I can breathe easier now. God is good in His timing.

I’m pleased that we received good reviews for our session. My earlier presentation was on clothing, considerations for selection of outfits, colour combination. Gene’s was on skin, nail and hair care, and a full hair and makeup makeover by Maison Monica’s hairdressing and makeup instructors. The audience liked the live demo.  Our only regret was that time was tight and we couldn’t cover everything in as great detail as we had liked.

A view of the participants during my presentation