It’s Casual Thursday….

Casual Thursday Palette

I was supposed to post this yesterday but internet connection was so bad that it rendered posting impossible…. anyway…


It was a work day yesterday, but since I wasn’t going to meet anybody in particular, I went casual – and that means wearing anything I wanted.

I like casual dressing most because among my style personalities* , it best describes who I am. My style personalities are classic, relaxed and creative.  Yesterday I sported the relaxed-creative look. So it was a polo shirt (in a coolish-red which I named ‘Cherise’ on COLOURlovers*), dark washed jeans, light brown shoes (‘Mandaringe’) from my Taiwan trip a while back, and a handcrafted silver-coloured cuff which injected some creative personality into the otherwise plain ensemble.

The colour palette above shows the colours I wore (done on COLOURlovers**) and the Polyvore*** below shows similiar items I wore.

Well, I’m in a hot country, the above suffices.  But given a choice, I’d much prefer dressing for cooler conditions anytime.  If I were in Melbourne today with temperatures ranging from 13 to 19 degrees C, I might just wear something like this:

What’s your style personality?

What do you add to your plain outfit to make it stand out?



*What’s ‘style personality’?

Your style personality is the dressing style which fits your personal preferences. It’s often closely related to your work style, your interpretation of fashion, and even your colour preferences, though it’s not confined by those.  You can be a classic, relaxed/casual, creative, radical/rebellious, romantic/feminine…  Most of us are a combination of styles.

** What’s COLOURlovers?

It’s a site / community where you can be inspired by colours and participate in creating your very own colours!

*** What’s a Polyvore?

Polyvore is a creative site which allows you to mix and match clothing and accessories on the site and save them as your own sets.  Male & female items are featured on the site.


Virtual Celeb Hairstyle & Makeup Makeovers

I had lots of fun with this software!  I urge all you girls to give it a try!

Which one of us hadn’t dreamed of being a star? :D    First I was Ciara, then Rihanna, then Taylor Swift.  So, I invite you all to have some fun with this – without spending a cent.  Let your hair down (or up) and see what changes you might want to make next!

This site allows you to personalize your experiments by uploading a picture of yourself.  Alternatively, you can select a model’s face and explore what the software can do for you.  Here we go…


Katie Holmes' hairstyle




Carla Gugino




Taylor Swift

You can also try out makeup items on your face. From foundation, tan, blush to eyelashes, shadows and lipsticks.  There are even selections for Cool and Warm Colours (which is great!).  On the screen, you can see that the wrong toned colours can make your makeup appear as if it’s sitting on your skin not blending in with it.


Example: (Click on each picture to see the text better。)


Select your eyeliner from Cool, Warm or Neutral colour palette

Lip colour from the Cool palette


  • Cool Lip Colour:  Notice how the lip colour above makes me look pale.  If that happens, it means that the colour isn’t in the right tone for my skin-tone.  I’m warm toned, therefore, the cool toned pink isn’t that flattering on me.


Warm lip colour


  • Warm Lip Colour:  I selected a darker warm lip colour to illustrate this so that it shows up better.  If a colour is in the same tone as your skintone, then it blends into your complexion well.  When selecting a lipstick colour that’s natural, make sure you select one in the right tone.


Without makeup

With makeup


  • I changed the hair colour and added subtle makeup to the look.

This software’s pros:

  • fun AND easy to use!
  • lots of colour options to explore for hair and makeup.  Even comes with the product names so you know which products suit you.


  • I’m sure you noticed that my face shape was changed each time I tried out a hairstyle belonging to a celebrity whose face shape is different from mine.  The Before and After pictures clearly show that difference.
  • When you’re trying out the hairstyles, look for celebrities whose face shapes, age and neck and chin size are similar to yours, or else the result might be something like this …..

Nonetheless, have fun with it!

Software for Mixing & Matching Clothes

Updated (again!) 2/8/2013 – The site below ( is no longer available through that link it seems.  I’m not sure if it is now called something else.  If I come across something like this again, I’ll do another update!

Updated: 23/7/2013 – Another site worth looking at…


Changing one’s appearance takes a lot of courage.  We all want to dress sharp and trendy, but a little part of us is also rather insecure about wearing something new and ‘unlike’ us.  What if it doesn’t work?  More often than not, we settle for ‘safe’ and classic and what everyone says is ‘us’.  Well, being all that is good, but I’m sure many of us would like to try something new some time.

One of the ways of dealing with style uncertainties is to try out online makeovers.  Virtual makeovers have been around for a while now.  They are software that allow us to ‘try out’ clothes, hairstyles and makeup to see if we look good in them or not.  I got to try out a couple of them and want to share my adventures with you.  You might even find that it will worth your while trying them out.

First one…. “My Virtual Model”

1.  Select your body shape (V, A, 8), if your waist is defined or not, your height and weight, and choose a hairstyle / colour that suits you.  You can upload your own picture if you want.

Start with giving your virtual model some vital statistics

Here’s what my model looks like

Next, choose what you want to dress your model with…

My model in casuals.

Dressed for a party….

I find this a rather good software to play around with because of the following reasons:

  • shows the good and the bad in our clothing choices fairly well (it confirms that I don’t look good in babydolls and some other items.)
  • good for colour matching purposes.  You can see the combination there and then.

The cons would be:

  • it doesn’t take body variations into consideration (eg. fat and crooked knees and heavy upper arms etc etc)
  • not 3-D – the shoes just don’t look good here
  • only for women.  (I’m yet to find something good for men.)

I treat it as a game, so I don’t expect too much out of it.  Have fun if you’re going to try it out!

Dressing Well

I’ve been out of action because of a sore right arm which renders simple jobs a painful chore.   It’s still not good enough for normal typing and other types of normal work yet, so this is a cut-and-paste of an article that I read sometime ago.   This article gives a good summary of what dressing well is.  I hope you benefit from it.  It’s NOT JUST FOR THE GIRLS!

7  Smart Ways to Look Your Best

Often we get an impression that dressing well is effortless.  Some people do it so well.  However, I don’t think it’s as easy as we think.  A person who’s taken the time and made the effort to look will look better than one who hasn’t.  It’s about being conscious and selective in what you buy in the first place.  So that the part of dressing takes less effort, but not no effort at all.  Dress smart is the way to go.

How do you become a smart dresser? Begin by wanting to look your best and learn more about yourself – your body type and your fashion personality. You take that information and blend it with your lifestyle and the rules of fashion, and you become a smart dresser.

Let’s take a look at some things to think about when you’re choosing the clothes you want to wear.

1.   The right fit

Clothes that are too big or are ill-fitting will not only make you look larger, they will hide your assets and accentuate figure flaws. Jackets, pants and skirts should be tailored to fit a person’s body measurements. For example, a jacket should fit in the shoulder area and have sleeves that are the correct length – ending just below the wrist bone. Blouses that are too tight around the bust line, too long or droop off the shoulders, are just some examples of how the wrong fit can ruin your look.

2.   The right colour

The best looking outfit will loose all its pizzazz if the colour does not complement the wearer. Colour is one of the most important aspects of looking great. The wrong colour will make your skin look dull, lines and wrinkles more apparent, and dark circles darker. The right colours will make skin look radiant, eyes will sparkle and lines, wrinkles and dark circles, less noticeable.

Colour is divided into warm and cool categories. For those whose skin has yellow undertones, warm colours look best on them. Those whose skin has blue undertones look best in cool colours. Usually, we are drawn to colours that look best on us and if you pay attention to how different colours blend with your skin tone you will make better colour choices. To learn more about which colours look best on you, seek the advice of a colour professional.

3.   Mane mantra

Your hair can make or break your look. To be sure that your hair is not ruining your look, get your hair cut by a hairstylist on a regular basis and keep your hairstyle up-to-date [nothing is more aging or will ruin your look faster than a hairstyle that is from another decade]. If you colour your hair, do it on a regular basis; don’t let the roots show. For the best look, get a hairstyle that suits the look you want to achieve and a colour that suits your skin tone.

4.   Make your wardrobe work

To make dressing a pleasurable experience and always look great you must have a wardrobe that works. A great wardrobe comes through planning. First decide if your wardrobe will be mainly casual or business, thereafter decide on your best colours. Choose three of your best colours and build a wardrobe capsule. A wardrobe capsule consists of jackets, pants, skirts and tops that mix and match. When you stop buying separate pieces and choose pieces that match what you previously own, your wardrobe becomes more manageable.

5.   Perfect shoes

Nothing ruins a look faster than shoes that are run down, scuffed or do not match the outfit. Shoes are a very important aspect of any wardrobe and should be taken care of with regular maintenance. Your shoes should also suit your outfit. If you are wearing an expensive suit, don’t ruin the look by wearing cheap shoes. Before you leave home, look in a full-length mirror and decide if your shoes complement your outfit. Your shoes should match your outfit in colour, weight and occasion.

6.   Access well

When you have a workable wardrobe and clothes that fit perfectly, you will need to spice up your wardrobe with accessories. An outfit without accessories is like a painting without a frame. Accessories make your outfit come alive. Choose accessories that suit your outfit. For example, a business suit calls for conservative jewellery. Choose accessories that also suit your body frame. A small woman looks better in small jewellery and a larger person can carry off larger jewellery pieces well.

7.   Look your best

A great attitude – don’t leave home without it. The best-dressed person in the world will not be looked on favourably if they have a bad attitude. Knowing how to look your best will create more opportunities but a great attitude – being able to get along with others, a pleasant personality and charm – is the driving force that will make you shine.

by Sheila Dicks


What Defines Your Style?

I was in a mall for most of the afternoon and had a great view of the people walking by.  It’s Father’s Day today, and also the last day before school reopens after a 3-wk break.

I was here for 2 fashion shows, so it was an afternoon of ‘fashion’ and models.  What was more interesting to me though was the real-life ‘models’ – people in their ‘outing’ clothes.

I must say that many ladies dress well, but not everyone is eye-catching.  I see nice clothes, but I don’t necessarily see ‘style’.  Not every person who’s ‘well-dressed’ looks attractive.  And not everyone who’s attractive is ‘well-dressed’.  I guess that’s also why branded goods might not always look their worth.

We all have our definitions of who has or doesn’t have style; but we all attempt to look good in whatever we wear.

Let’s have a look at some common  ‘styles’ out there.  I rather like how my personal colour analysis trainer, Imogen Lamport, defines the various styles.  Below is a list with a brief description of each:

  • Classic: dominated by neutral colours, pearls, silver, gold jewellery, simple & clean designs in clothes, generally more conservative in dressing


  • Relaxed: neutral colours dominate, comfort is essential, wood and metal jewellery, casual and not very structured bags, nothing very shiny, comfortable shoes, very low or no heels


  • Dramatic: colours dominate, bold designs, shimmers and shine, unique and big statement jewellery, fashionista

Dramatic - Alexander McQueen

  • Creative: all colours or all one-colour (black), love handmade creative items in jewellery and accessories, original and unusual


  • Rebellious: loud designs and colours that go against the flow,  goth, piercings and tattoos, leather, metals and studs, stand out in the crowd, proud to be different!

A bit of a rebel

  • Feminine: soft colours dominate, soft material in clothing, frills, ruffles and bows, delicate jewellery and accessories


  • Elegant Chic: neutral colours, high quality fabrics, real gems and metals, classic branded accessories and shoes, designer wear, high maintenance!

Elegant Chic - Hermes

We’re usually a combination of a few styles.

I’m constantly honing my personal style, but after these years, I’d say I’ve narrowed down to a couple of things which define ‘me’.  I like ethnic elements in my clothes and accessories, though mostly I consider myself relaxed classic.  To ‘summarise’ my style, I’m a Relaxed Classic with elements of Creative in my accessories.

What about you?

Pictures for illustration purposes. (Pics for Classic & Creative from Nordstrom)