How To Choose the Right Double Eyelid Tape – Part 3 Choosing the Right Shape

Here comes Part 3 of my double-eyelid tape series, on the shape of double eyelid tape and what types of eyes they are suitable for.

Eyes that need double eyelid tape are those that are mono-lidded, hooded, or droopy.  In general, mono-lidded eyes are often described as ‘asian’ eyes which have no obvious lid crease or line above the lash line.  Hooded lids are lids that are heavier in the middle of the eye, like Taylor Swift or Hayden Panettiere’s, making their eyes look longer, rather than round.  Older people may have hooded eyes as they age too.  Droopy eyes are more often seen in older people whose eyelids of the outer corner sag because of age.

My double-lidded lines are hidden, so at first glance, I have mono-lids, while in fact my lids are actually hooded (they fold over the lines and I have a flat eyelid space from eyelash to eyebrow).


No obvious double-eyelid crease. Flat area from eyelash to eyebrow.

To open up the eye, I can use an eyelid tape to ‘support’ the lid above my lash line.


Crescent shaped – The curve in the middle supports the middle part of my lid and will make my eye appear ’rounder’.

The same eyetape shape will work for hooded eyelids as well, but often the tape will need to be thinner to prevent the tape from flipping.


The ‘red’ part – a thinner piece of tape with the shape of the blue one is preferred for the hooded eye, but the position may need to be adjusted according to each person’s eye.

For the droopy eye, you’ll need an eyelid tape with a shape that can ‘lift’ the outer corner of the eye.


The thicker end at the outer corner of the eye helps to lift it, creating a lifted eye.   (In fact, without eyetape, the same effect can be achieved by applying a darker shadow in the same area as the thicker area of the tape right down to the lashline.)

In conclusion:

The SHAPES of the eyelid tapes above are simply a guide, but you’ll need to adjust the thickness and length of the tape according to your eye. So far, I’ve found those of the ‘crescent shape’ (see the first one above) the most versatile.

The hardest to use for me is the following:


Too thick and the bottom line too straight.

For the most natural look, I still think that the double-sided eyelid tape is the best.


No eye-tape


With double-sided Wonder Eyelid tape

Notice how the tape can’t be seen even after it’s been taped on.



This tape doesn’t come cheap, but it’s worth the money if it does what you want it to.


A Fantabulous Easter Gift……

I was eggstatic today…….

Our gift!

My husband and I are proud recipients of another beautiful gift from the two special artist-sisters (Aleph Tav Art Design House) I wrote about a couple of weeks back.  I don’t know what I have done to deserve it and am just grateful to them for their  generosity and thoughtfulness.  Thank you, Lee & Hui Joo!

This gift is specially meaningful to me and my husband because it’s something that depicts a large part of our lives.  Leslie is a pianist who has a free piano-teaching blog called Pianocheats (play your favourite songs with 3 fingers) while I am a makeup artist and personal colour analyst.

Since it was Easter, Lee and Hui Joo chose to use EGGS to fashion their characters, and they’ve done it so ‘cutely’ and fantabulously well.

Hui Joo is the one who does the drawing and painting, while Lee makes the props from scratch.  Together they make a formidable creative team. To see more pictures of their work, BE SURE to check out their webpages and Facebook page: Aleph Tav Art Design House, Aleph Tav Art’s Chinese Blog and Aleph Tav Facebook page.

Let’s check out the egg-mages of me and my husband ‘at work’!

An 'egg-mage' of my husband Leslie ( and me in the background.

That's me....

The gift came in a handmade box, making it look like we are in our own room.

All painting is done by HJ. The little hat is cut out from an egg tray.

Side view - love the design of the 'floor'!

The piano is made of polyfoam while the keys are made of balsa wood (cut, painted and glued on by Lee).

My grooming area - comes complete with a dressing table with mirror, makeup (foundation, sponge and eyeshadows with a brush) AND FALSE LASHES! Lee's good work!

Always smile when you look in the mirror.

This clothes rack, hangers and accessories are made from scratch. Check out the detail on the belts.

Click here to see better photographs of the work by Lee, who’s also an excellent photographer.


If you’re in Kuching and would like to check out their work, do drop in at the ‘Love Community’ bazaar to be held at Koperasi Hijau Building, 209, Jalan Setia Raja 12A, Stutong Indah (behind Nissan showroom near Giant at Tabuan Jaya) on 1st May 2012 (Tuesday – Public Holiday), 9am-2pm.   Lee and Hui Joo will have a stall displaying and selling some of their work there.



Aleph Tav Art Design House

I have the privilege of knowing 2 exceptionally talented artist and designer sisters (Lee and HJ) who go by their designer name ‘Aleph Tav’.

During a work trip in December, Lee gave me her personal name card.  I was in awe….. And I knew I had found the right person to design mine for my colour analysis work and so it was done! Lee designed the logo and card for my Imagessentials.

I love the design of the logo, which is classy, feminine and accurate in its presentation of what Imagessentials is all about.  What I also LOVE is the concept of the card – a makeup palette!




My 'makeup palette' name card. The colours represent the colour analysis work that I do.

After collaborating with Lee for my name card, I got to know HJ, Lee’s older sister, who’s now lending her sketch and design expertise to my visual presentation for grooming talks.  Those are still in the making but what I can say is that they are of high professional quality in presentation and design.

A few weeks after getting my name card done, I met up with Lee and HJ for a catch-up, and I was overwhelmed when I was presented with this personalized, hand-made Coptic bind notebook as a gift!


Black and white sketch with a touch of red - their signature for coptic bind notebooks


See how the pages are hand-sewn into a book. This style of binding is called Coptic binding or Coptic sewing.


inside cover


Back cover


It’s particularly meaningful because 1. It’s personalized, and 2. It’s a collaborated effort of 2 artists, 3. They thought of ME!  [Call me self-centred, but don’t we all like to be remembered? :p]

In fact, Aleph Tav is a design house whose business is HANDMADE GIFTS.  Go to their website and check out what they have there.

Let’s get back to that Coptic bind notebook…..HJ sketched me (she didn’t do it from a picture – it was her image of me in her mind’s eye); and Lee fashioned the book out of paper and board, and sewed the pieces of notepaper together with string.  Painstaking work on Lee’s part, and beautifully done.

Head over to Aleph Tav’s site and look at their work.  Lee and HJ take in orders for handmade gifts and deliver them worldwide.  In this day and age where cards are electronic and gifts are virtual, handmade gifts are rare and highly valued.   If you are thinking of getting something special as a gift, think of personalized handmade gifts.

Check out the following pics of their personal name card and business card. Cool eh?


Personal namecard of the designers


Description of the artists in their Aleph Tav design house business card


Aleph Tav business card


Aleph Tav business card

Excuse the quality of the photos. It should improve….soon….

What’s the similarity between a bento and you?

Take a few minutes and watch this video on Japan’s amazing lunchboxes:



A piano for lunch? Look at the pride on the little girl's face.

Kudos to these Japanese mums who spend time and effort to show their love for their children.

We all know how important garnishing is.  Feasting for the eyes is as important as feasting itself.

The same goes for grooming.  The process of sculpting an appropriate image for ourselves isn’t easy for everyone.  But when skill, effort and time are invested in it, it is possible and very doable.


Bento-design for Japanese mums

Have you ever considered what image you want to present to others? You might have but feel you lack the skill to project that image effectively.  Feel free to email me if you have questions.

All photos are screencaps from the video above.

Steps to Ageing Well

What are some ‘anti-ageing’ products?

The list below encourages a certain amount of self-indulgence and self-praise.

Photo Credit: nuttakit /

1.  List out the things you love and hate to do.

  • From the list, identify the things you have to do and only do those. :p

2.  List out the things that you’re good at – you might have got awards or recognition for them.

  • When you’re down, look at that list and bask in its glory!

3.  List out the people you love and those who love you.

  • When you’re down, look at that list and think about how important you are to them.

4.  Apart from those, consider these points below.

  • Look on the bright side of things. Think positive.
  • Know your assets.
  • Dress well.
  • Do the things you enjoy.
  • Do the things you love but never had time to do.
  • Spend time with people who love you.

The best anti-ageing product you can use is free, but does come at a personal cost. Money can pay for many things.  But it can’t pay for a change of mindset.

It is sometimes hard to see beyond the cons of chronological and biological ageing when you’re suffering its physical effects.  Becoming old ‘positively’ requires lots of mental sweat and blood. Some of us may even need to attend bootcamp!

But ageing well has its rewards.

Photo credit: Photostock /

You will generally make life more bearable for yourself and others.  You like yourself more.  People like you more.

Positive ageing can leave behind a great legacy.  Its value can’t be assessed in monetary terms.  Think of someone old who is vibrant, wise, loving and reveling in life; those who observe him see energy, fullness, knowledge and wisdom.  Such a person closes generational gaps and forges positive relationships with others.  Ageing this way celebrates the life that one has led and encourages others to do the same.

I think I really need to do what I preach here.

Ageing, The Extra Candles on Your Cake

Photo credit: Idea go /

Truth – we are getting older. Soon, the candles on our birthday cake can set it on fire.

Being in an industry that thrives on prolonging a youthful appearance, I am immensely interested in anything anti-ageing.  Recently, when my sister-in-law, Evelyn, sent me a Christian devotional sharing entitled ‘Insights into Ageing’, I was curious about the relationship between God and ageing.

The fear of the Lord adds length to life...’ Proverbs 10:27 NIV

When asked about the benefits of living to be 100 years old, one centenarian smiled and said, ‘There’s very little peer pressure.’ Thanks to medical science we’re living to our eighties, nineties and beyond. But living longer means dealing with the realities of ageing. Our youth-orientated culture often gives old age a bad image, but clearly God doesn’t agree. To Him, old age is the reward for a life well-lived, a privilege earned, an accomplishment worth celebrating, and wisdom shared to benefit succeeding generations.

Ageing – reward?  Purleeeese…. *roll eyes*

Ageing is associated with ‘old’, ‘tired’, ‘old-fashioned’, ‘slow’….

Physically, it is also about creaky joints and stiff muscles, sagging skin and wrinkles.

Ageing is rarely about attractiveness and competence, which are also 2 things that we associate with acceptance.

With so much bad rap, can we blame ourselves for fighting so hard to maintain youthfulness and delay ageing visible ‘assault’ as much as we can?  If ageing is so horrible, I think I’d say no to long life!

However, there is hope.  I believe what significance we attach to ageing will affect our ageing outcome.


According to wikipedia……:

  • “Ageing is the accumulation of changes in an organism or object over time.
  • Ageing in humans refers to a multidimensional process of physical, psychological, and social change.
  • Some dimensions of ageing grow and expand over time, while others decline.
  • Reaction time, for example, may slow with age, while knowledge of world events and wisdom may expand.
  • Research shows that even late in life potential exists for physical, mental, and social growth and development.
  • Ageing is an important part of all human societies reflecting the biological changes that occur, but also reflecting cultural and societal conventions. “

Like I said, what significance we attach to ageing will affect its outcome.

If we think of ageing in words related to ‘growth’, ‘expansion’, ‘potential’, ‘development’, ‘knowledge’ and ‘wisdom’, we know that ageing can help us accumulate what we need to be more complete and whole as a person.  If you relate ageing to Alzheimer’s, senility, bad joints, sickness and death, you’re not going to be great company to yourself and others.

Photo credit: Evgeni Dinev /

Indeed, our physical bodies succumb to the effects of ageing, but that is just one dimension of our body, soul and spirit.  Some dimensions grow and expand (I’m not referring to waist and hip circumference here!).   As we face the inevitable process of our physical bodies ageing and going into the process of decline, let’s focus on the mental and social aspects that have great potential for growth.  And this can only be done by making a conscious decision towards being a better ‘ager’.

Next: Steps to Ageing Well

What My Hairstylist Does for Me

In my last post, I talked about how a change of hairstyle can be the first step towards the change of a new image.  I truly believe that hairstylists play an important role in our appearance.

Finding a hairstylist who can give you a becoming and appropriate hairstyle, and make you feel positively about yourself, is important.  And that is also why we go back to the same stylist over and over.  It’s not because no one else can do it better, but it’s because you have the confidence that this stylist can do it well for you time and time again.

A good hairstylist is hard enough to find, let alone a good hairstylist who can give you a befitting style consistently.  I’m particular about getting a hairstyle that I’m confident wearing and maintaining.  At the same time, I don’t want the same look for too long.  Timeless is good, but dated isn’t.

I’m fortunate to have found Irene of Hair Story whom I confidently recommend to anyone.

Irene has been my hairstylist for about 5-6 years now and the one I’ve stayed the longest with.

From the start, she has given me styles that match who I am. She understands the challenges that come with a square face as well as my need to keep my hairstyle as low-maintenance as possible – matching my hairstyle with my lifestyle. Her asset is her keen eye for a personalized and holistic approach to hairstyling for the individual, not just for her head of hair alone.

I think it’s hard to be able to achieve what you want with something as ‘fluid’ as hair.  When a hairstylist deals with a client’s hair, it’s not just about cutting, perming or colouring.  It’s about doing whatever necessary to create a hair image that suits her.  To be successful in this, one needs to be very sure about one’s ability to ‘tell’ the hair how to behave and know what the outcome is.  I’m sure you agree that this doesn’t happen very often. And I do believe that Irene does that very well for her clients.  Obviously, the years of experience and talent she has are her assets.

Irene’s salon is called ‘Hair Story’.  If anyone of you in Kuching would like to drop in for consultation or styling services, you can find her at Lot 9898, Sect 64, Grnd Flr, Sublot 3, Jalan Mendu, Kuching.   She may or may not be the one for you, but don’t miss her out if you are still searching for THE right hairstylist for you.