Colour Combinations and Fashion Illustrations

For an explanation of what the following colour combinations mean, do take a look at this POST first.

Credit:  All fashion illustrations below are used with permission from the artistic team from Aleph Tav Art, click HERE for more of their illustrations.

Monochromatic Colour Combination

One colour, many shades.

This colour combination is classic, classy and elegant, however, without some additional colours to add interest, it could be ‘boring’ at times.  To spice things up, add some colour in small proportions.


Except for the belt and the yellow undershirt, the rest of the outfit is shades of one colour


Analogous Colour Combination

Colours adjacent to each other in the colour wheel


Complementary Colour Combination

Colours opposite each other in the colour wheel



This outfit is predominantly complimentary in blue and yellow. However, if you were to consider the red shoes, this will become ‘triadic’ instead.


Split Complementary Colour Combination

2 adjacent colours + 1 opposite colour



Triadic Colour Combination

3 colours equal distance away from one another.

With this particular combination, colours often (and probably) vary in proportion to make the combination more appealing, usually one colour takes dominance.




Tetradic Colour Combination

4 colours – usually 2 pairs of adjacent colour combinations (forming a rectangle) or they are 4 colours equal distance from one another (forming a square)

Usually one or two colours are dominant, while the other two work as accent colours for accessories.


You’d probably notice that the artists have not adhered strictly to the colour combinations the way we’ve named them….and that’s the beauty of it, names are GUIDES, but they need not dictate everything we do.  If something looks good and harmonious to your eye, try it out and see what others say.

I have noticed that the people who often wear many colours tend to be more outgoing.  Many of them also grew up used to seeing colours in all sorts of combinations around them.  My colour trainer told me that people who have complementary colour tones in themselves (red hair and green eyes) tend to wear lots of colour and are not afraid of being seen with them. Is that true?

For a fact, I know that I’m a conservative as far as colours concerned, but I’m learning.  I’m monochromatic – dark brown hair, dark brown eyes and medium skin tone, as such, I’ve always favoured a monochromatic colour combination with my neutrals.

What colour combinations are you inclined to use?


A Fantabulous Easter Gift……

I was eggstatic today…….

Our gift!

My husband and I are proud recipients of another beautiful gift from the two special artist-sisters (Aleph Tav Art Design House) I wrote about a couple of weeks back.  I don’t know what I have done to deserve it and am just grateful to them for their  generosity and thoughtfulness.  Thank you, Lee & Hui Joo!

This gift is specially meaningful to me and my husband because it’s something that depicts a large part of our lives.  Leslie is a pianist who has a free piano-teaching blog called Pianocheats (play your favourite songs with 3 fingers) while I am a makeup artist and personal colour analyst.

Since it was Easter, Lee and Hui Joo chose to use EGGS to fashion their characters, and they’ve done it so ‘cutely’ and fantabulously well.

Hui Joo is the one who does the drawing and painting, while Lee makes the props from scratch.  Together they make a formidable creative team. To see more pictures of their work, BE SURE to check out their webpages and Facebook page: Aleph Tav Art Design House, Aleph Tav Art’s Chinese Blog and Aleph Tav Facebook page.

Let’s check out the egg-mages of me and my husband ‘at work’!

An 'egg-mage' of my husband Leslie ( and me in the background.

That's me....

The gift came in a handmade box, making it look like we are in our own room.

All painting is done by HJ. The little hat is cut out from an egg tray.

Side view - love the design of the 'floor'!

The piano is made of polyfoam while the keys are made of balsa wood (cut, painted and glued on by Lee).

My grooming area - comes complete with a dressing table with mirror, makeup (foundation, sponge and eyeshadows with a brush) AND FALSE LASHES! Lee's good work!

Always smile when you look in the mirror.

This clothes rack, hangers and accessories are made from scratch. Check out the detail on the belts.

Click here to see better photographs of the work by Lee, who’s also an excellent photographer.


If you’re in Kuching and would like to check out their work, do drop in at the ‘Love Community’ bazaar to be held at Koperasi Hijau Building, 209, Jalan Setia Raja 12A, Stutong Indah (behind Nissan showroom near Giant at Tabuan Jaya) on 1st May 2012 (Tuesday – Public Holiday), 9am-2pm.   Lee and Hui Joo will have a stall displaying and selling some of their work there.



Aleph Tav Art Design House

I have the privilege of knowing 2 exceptionally talented artist and designer sisters (Lee and HJ) who go by their designer name ‘Aleph Tav’.

During a work trip in December, Lee gave me her personal name card.  I was in awe….. And I knew I had found the right person to design mine for my colour analysis work and so it was done! Lee designed the logo and card for my Imagessentials.

I love the design of the logo, which is classy, feminine and accurate in its presentation of what Imagessentials is all about.  What I also LOVE is the concept of the card – a makeup palette!




My 'makeup palette' name card. The colours represent the colour analysis work that I do.

After collaborating with Lee for my name card, I got to know HJ, Lee’s older sister, who’s now lending her sketch and design expertise to my visual presentation for grooming talks.  Those are still in the making but what I can say is that they are of high professional quality in presentation and design.

A few weeks after getting my name card done, I met up with Lee and HJ for a catch-up, and I was overwhelmed when I was presented with this personalized, hand-made Coptic bind notebook as a gift!


Black and white sketch with a touch of red - their signature for coptic bind notebooks


See how the pages are hand-sewn into a book. This style of binding is called Coptic binding or Coptic sewing.


inside cover


Back cover


It’s particularly meaningful because 1. It’s personalized, and 2. It’s a collaborated effort of 2 artists, 3. They thought of ME!  [Call me self-centred, but don’t we all like to be remembered? :p]

In fact, Aleph Tav is a design house whose business is HANDMADE GIFTS.  Go to their website and check out what they have there.

Let’s get back to that Coptic bind notebook…..HJ sketched me (she didn’t do it from a picture – it was her image of me in her mind’s eye); and Lee fashioned the book out of paper and board, and sewed the pieces of notepaper together with string.  Painstaking work on Lee’s part, and beautifully done.

Head over to Aleph Tav’s site and look at their work.  Lee and HJ take in orders for handmade gifts and deliver them worldwide.  In this day and age where cards are electronic and gifts are virtual, handmade gifts are rare and highly valued.   If you are thinking of getting something special as a gift, think of personalized handmade gifts.

Check out the following pics of their personal name card and business card. Cool eh?


Personal namecard of the designers


Description of the artists in their Aleph Tav design house business card


Aleph Tav business card


Aleph Tav business card

Excuse the quality of the photos. It should improve….soon….