Cheap and Good Eyeliner Brushes

What do I look for in a good eyeliner brush?

  1. Good bristles that allow product to glide
  2. The right shape and size to save time and minimise mess
  3. Preferably low in cost

Here I have 5 brushes which I use / have used for eyeliner application.

Left to Right 

  1. Angled brush made of synthetic bristles (from an art store)
  2. Gel liner brush from Kate, Kanebo
  3. Small angled eyebrow brush
  4. Small flat top eyeliner brush
  5. Fine brush (from an art store)

You can see from the second photo that all these brushes are very thin, and for eyeliner brushes to create precise lines, this is a must.

My favourite is No. 1 – the angled brush from the art store.  The reasons are as follows:

  1. Its synthetic brushes allow product to glide more easily and does not soak up product.
  2. Its slant makes it easier for me to apply my liner.  It’s just more natural to use.  See the picture below compared with Kate’s liner.
  3. Its width makes application easy.  I ‘press’ the brush on my lashline only 3-4 times at most to create a line that’s consistent in fineness. No dragging and broken-up lines. (Read this post to find out how I use this with my eyeliner product. )
  4. It is thin – I can create a thin precise line with this easily.
  5. IT’S CHEAP! (Less than RM5)

Left: A more natural angle for applying product.
Right: Simply “press” the product near your lashline….foolproof.

I didn’t choose the angled eyebrow brush as my favourite because it’s too small and I find it increasingly harder to work with tiny brushes like these as I get older.  It requires a very steady hand, good eyesight and lots of PATIENCE!

Another thought:

I personally don’t think we need to spend lots of money on eyeliner brushes, particularly if you’re aiming for a clean precise line.  Experiment with art store synthetic brushes and you might just be pleasantly surprised.  I will however, be tempted to try out FLAT EYELINER BRUSHES offered by many other brands out there (Google ‘Flat Eyeliner Brush’). These brushes have FLAT TOPS, not angled ones.  They are great too, and work pretty much the same way, ‘press’ and you’re done with a clean line.   It gets the product right between the lashes. I haven’t got round to getting one yet because I haven’t quite wrapped my head round paying lots of money for an eyeliner brush….. :p